Vanquish Cold Sores


Try this herbal wizard at the first tingle

I get two or three cold sores every winter. But a product called Cold Sores Begone debugs the blisters before they have a chance to blossom.

Cold Sores Begone contains lemon balm, whose antiviral compounds are said to inhibit the herpes simplex type 1 virus that causes cold sores. It also contains echinacea, a proven virus fighter, and inflammation soothers goldensea (Hydrastis canadensis) and allantoin. Follow label directions, and apply at a cold sore's first tingle. Canker Sores Begone combats mouth sores. Both are available at health food stores and at Willner Chemists. Call (800)633-1106 or log on to Each product costs about $6 at Willner.

PHOTO (COLOR): Clear up a nasty outbreak with this duo.


By Sara Altshul

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