Canker cure


Canker cure

Don't take any lip from canker sores. Those unpleasant mouth irritations often spring up when it's cold outside. It's not enough that they're painful, they're downright ugly, too.

Chronic sufferers know that the sores usually heal on their own in six to 10 days. But a new treatment, pioneered at Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, can keep that healing time down to about six days max. An aloe extract -- called acemannan hydrogel -- does a better job than the products now sold on the market to handle the problem, which are simply topical anesthetics that adhere to and protect the sores.

In contrast, the extract speeds healing by providing better hydration and creating a moist environment necessary for optimal repair of the skin damage.

According to JoAnne Allen, D.D.S., from the Academy of General Dentistry, "It's encouraging to see that the healing properties of aloe vera can help ease the discomfort to heal the sores."

Because the extract doesn't contain alcohol, there is no stinging or tissue damage, and it has no disagreeable taste or texture. Hello, aloe; goodbye, canker sores.

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By Connie Pollock

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