STOP recurrent bladder infections with CRANBERRY

Historically, CRANBERRIES have been used to treat urinary tract infections (UTIs), but results of a new study indicate that longterm use of cranberry extract may keep UTIs at bay-for good. UTIs, which can cause a burning sensation with urination, frequent urination and a sense of urgency when having to empty the bladder, are common in women, infants and the elderly. UTIs can be triggered by sexual intercourse, antibiotics, birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy. Having just one UTI increases your susceptibility to future infections. In a small study, published in a recent issue of Phytomedicine, 12 women with a history of recurrent UTIs (defined as having at least six UTIs within a year) took 400mg of concentrated cranberry extract daily for 12 weeks. None of the women developed UTIs during the study; eight of the women continued to take the extract and were UTI-free two years later.


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