Bladder Infection Protection


Women prone to recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) may soon be able to head off a painful infection before it starts. In a University of Wisconsin-Madison study of volunteers who each had up to 20 UTIs the previous year, a new vaccine kept infections at bay in more than half of the cases. Ten of 18 women who received the vaccine were UTI-free during the 6-month study, but 16 of 18 women in the placebo group got UTIs. Administered via a vaginal suppository, the vaccine stimulates production of antibodies that repel unwanted bacteria outside the nearby urethra (the tiny tube leading to the bladder), keeping UTI germs out of the urinary tract.

PHOTO (COLOR): Stop this UTI bacteria sooner


By Kasia Dawidowska

Edited by Sarí Harrar

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