The Astrology of Stress


The Astrology of Stress

Human life is a process of growth and change. Almost any lifetime is designed so that by the end of the life the person should exhibit more positive energy and less negative energy. This is why stress is absolutely necessary. If our lives are designed for growth and change, how much growth are we going to get out of ease? Most of our assimilation comes through ease, but more of our growth comes through stress. We may manifest our best side when things are easy, but the more stress we endure the more we manifest our negativity, our negative or neurotic programming, which becomes obvious even to us. Only when we become aware of our negative programming can we take steps to change it.

The real problem with stress is when we get too much of it. Then the question becomes, "How to handle stress?"

Certain stress situations are inherent in the various astrological signs. In some people these stress patterns dominate the personality. Astrologically, a person's personality is usually determined by the sign rising over the Eastern horizon at the time of birth (the Ascendant or the Rising Sign). Sometimes it is dominated by the Sun Sign (your sign). The way these people should handle stress is determined by whether or not the ascendant or sun sign is dominant in the personality The majority of people spend most of their time in their rising sign personality.

The following is a compendium of stress patterns associated with the astrological signs with suggested remedies:

Aries: The Aries personality runs amock under stress, like a train running off a track. It is imperative that the Aries personality slows down and gets centered.

Taurus: Taurus' stress is usually caused by concern about material security. The Taurus must concentrate on spiritual matters to relieve stress, realizing that the only real security is in the spiritual connection.

Gemini: Gemini rules the nervous system and the Gemini gets very antsy under stress. They get involved in far too many activities. The stressed out Gemini personality must say no to invitations, become less involved with activities, and create some quiet time for themselves.

Cancer: Cancer stress is frequently caused by concern over family matters. Cancers must learn to focus some of their energy and attention on people and things outside the family.

Leo: Leo's stress is often a result of taking on too much. The Leo personality can relieve stress by learning to assign responsibility. It is not generally realized, but Leo is a playful sign. The Leo should arrange playtime as an antidote for stress.

Virgo: Virgo stress is a result of their excessively high expectations of themselves and others. The Virgo personality should learn that it is O.K. to do well they don't have to be perfect, and neither do the Virgo's family and associates.

Libra: An important stress factor for the Libra personality is caused by their fear of being alone. The Libra can arrange alone time and learn to enjoy it, discovering that being alone has its rewards. They must also realize that they don't have to be liked by everybody, and that it isn't their job to keep everybody happy.

Scorpio: Scorpio stress is caused by the inherent intensity of their nature. The Scorpio personality needs to make a passionate commitment to a cause (to dance, to writing, to the new mental health center, to Greenpeace, to the Grateful Dead etc.).

Sagittarius: Sagittarian stress can be caused by over concern with gathering knowledge, especially profound knowledge (what's the meaning of it all?) This stress can be relieved by becoming involved in the mundane and the ordinary. The Sagittarius personality can also become too involved in going someplace. Staying home can be the antidote.

Capricorn: Capricorn stress is a result of workaholism and being too responsible. Play is the specific antidote, but spiritual endeavors can help loosen the Capricorn's over investment in the mundane world.

Aquarius: Lack of emotional involvement is a source of Aquarian stress. Getting emotionally involved with a mate or a playmate should bring considerable relief to the Aquarian personality. In other words, they should get out of their heads and into their feelings once in awhile.

Pisces: The stress of the Pisces personality is caused by their inherent vulnerability. The Pisces personality must withdraw into a safe space or find someone who is willing to take care of them.

The great pendulum of life swings between periods of ease and stress. The gains we make, the things we find out about ourselves, are assimilated during our periods of ease. It is by keeping ourselves under stress through ease periods that we lose the benefits of the stress periods, and also induce physical and emotional breakdown. Much of this excess stress can be alleviated by understanding our astrological makeup, and incorporating into our lives the antidotes to our inherent stress problems.

People have very definite stress patterns, and they assign their stress problems to specific areas of life, such as financial, relationship, etc. The problem to be solved isn't the financial or relationship problem as much as how do we handle the fact that our expectations aren't being fulfilled? Or, what is our basic, predictable response to stress, whatever the cause?

Only in discovering these basic response patterns can there be a real solution, and astrology was given to us as a tool to help us discover these patterns. Sun Sign astrology, (the foregoing compendium was Sun Sign astrology), is, of necessity, extremely general and simplistic. It assumes that there are only twelve types of people. There are major stress patterns in a horoscope that don't involve either the Sun Sign or the Ascendant. These patterns can be located only by individual analysis, which usually reveals a series of basic stress causing factors, and the concomitant solution. These problems and solutions are manifestations of the meaning of human existence, the things that we came to do in this lifetime.

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By Taliesin

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