Fall blues busters

Revel in nature. Don't let your commute to work be the only time you step outside. Take a walk at lunch.

See the light. Unblock your windows and let in what sunshine there is. Decorate your surroundings with bright colors, particularly yellows, which suggest sunlight.

Get moving. You may feel like sleeping all day in a snug bed, but a cold-weather activity such as hiking, skating, or cross-country skiing can help lift depression.

Reach out. Avoid spending too much time alone. Make a habit of meeting up with friends.

As the days get shorter, women are particularly susceptible to the depression and fatigue caused by seasonal affective disorder (SAD). One culprit may be increased levels of melatonin, a hormone secreted in the brain that regulates sleep. Studies suggest that when natural light decreases, more melatonin is produced. Below are tips to help ease the autumn doldrums.



By Tracie Donnell

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