Manic No More



By definition, bipolar depression is a perplexing disease. Adequately treating and preventing, not to mention properly diagnosing the illness has plagued medical circles all too often. Now, according to recent studies, fish oil may prove effective in treating the disease.

A study published in Arch Gen Psychiatry (1999 May, 56(5):407-12) studied the effects of omega 3 fatty acids on bipolar disorder. The four-month, double-blind, placebo-controlled study compared the effects omega 3 fatty acids -- fish, flax or perilla oils (9.6 g/d) to placebo (olive oil) in 30 patients who continued their usual regimen. The study showed that the omega 3 fatty acid patient group had a significantly longer period of remission than the placebo group. Furthermore, for nearly every other outcome measure, the omega 3 fatty acid group outperformed the placebo group. In short, the study findings concluded that omega 3 fatty acids improve the short term course of patients with bipolar disorder.

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