Dr Wakefield Wakefield on Gastrointestinal Problems in Autism


Medical pioneer and hero to many autistic families, Andrew Wakefield lectured this summer on gastrointestinal complications in children with autism. The talk (at the Autism Society of America's national conference) is available at no charge from the Autism Research Institute website.

Dr. Wakefield has been under attack by the conventional medical community for suggesting a link between gastrointestinal problems, the measles virus, and autism (1998). He shook the world of autism when he suggested that autistic children are not neurologically damaged, rather: "they are sick."

Andrew Wakefield is currently under investigation in Great Britain related to his groundbreaking research. Yet, ongoing studies by international scientists tend to support his premise. He claims he does not fear the inquiry. Rather, he welcomes it and "insists" on the opportunity to clear his name. To view the video: Go to autism.com. The video link is located near the bottom of the far right column.

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