Roaring Water: Fluoride Toxicity and ADHD

Roaring Water: Fluoride Toxicity and ADHD


The method is classical Homeopathy. Two research study forms were used. One for parents of ADHD sufferers and one for those over 16 years of age with ADHD to fill out themselves. The form is a truncated version of a classical Homeopathic consultation.

For 200 years Homeopaths have pondered fluoride. Experimenting on healthy volunteers to see what a Homeopathic dose (the amount put in our water) will do to healthy people and recording their symptoms. Each doctor has climbed on the shoulders of those gone before, adding his little twist, a better adjective, a new symptom. A mother walks into a doctor's office and says "My kid is a screaming maniac," and the phrase "screaming maniac" goes down in the doctor's little black book. Veil after veil is removed from the healing properties of fluoride, until, a century later, the greatest living Homeopath, George Vithoulkas, finds SLEEPLESS FOR MANY YEARS is cured by fluoride. What a medicine can cause, it can cure. Like will cure like - the foundation of Homeopathy.

Allopaths can diagnose their parts, their specialties, the brain, the anus, brilliantly but they don't consider the whole person. It never occurs to them that the hemorrhoids are connected to the attention that is "difficult to fix."

ADHD is entwined around FLUORIDE like the snake on the staff of AEsculapius. The low-mindedness, the ceaseless activity, the sleep symptoms, the antisocial behavior, the gaiety, the anger, and stupidity, the aversion to family and friends, the impulsiveness, the forgetfulness,...look at the world.

Fluoride is in our water, in our coffee, in our juices, concentrated in our cooked food, and it is in our baths and our toothpaste. It is a registered rat poison.

Morrison says on the Internet: "Many Homeopaths have speculated about the health effect of the fluoridation of our water supplies. This is an especially alarming thought because of the deep action of this remedy, affecting the metabolism, the bones, and the connective tissue."

Fluoride in Water = ADHD and Other Diseases

Why Because for 150 years everyone who has been poisoned by fluoride shows ADHD symptoms.

Kent says it takes a long time to develop symptoms but Colgate-Palmolive is already settling in England, according to Townsend Letter for Doctors, Aug/Sept. 1996. The wee bit of fluoride put in our water since 1947 may be catching up with us. And may be responsible, in part, for our nation being 19th in longevity. Rats were surely not tested for longevity. I have on my skin just those eraser-sized "crusts" referred to again and again in the Medicas.

We are about 76% water. Maybe heart disease starts here. The deep bone pains and slow action of fluoride suggest arthritis and osteoporosis. The anti-social behavior is reflected in the huge number of our young men in our burgeoning prisons.

The sale of Ritalin will continue to rise until the cause of ADHD is addressed. Every scientific double-blind study, in my opinion, is flawed. The concept is flawed. Every child is an individual. His ADHD is individual. When you throw Ritalin at kids it might as well be cake. It will rot their teeth soon enough. And we must stop using kids to test rat poison! as was done in Grand Rapids where fluoride began.

Ironic name, Grand Rapids: ROARING WATER. If even one of the above symptoms were true wouldn't that be reason enough to get the stuff out of our water?

Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients.


By Donald Hotton

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