Healing with Homeopathy: A Case of Cystitis, Vaginitis & Edema of the Eyelids


Healing with Homeopathy: A Case of Cystitis, Vaginitis & Edema of the Eyelids

In this column we use the standard acceptable numbering system of one to three in parentheses, following each symptom, to give the proper emphasis. (3) being the strongest, indicates a symptom which is quite intense, clear, and spontaneous, reported by the patient. (2) indicates a moderate degree of these three characteristics, and (1) a milder degree. This system allows a homeopath to weigh each symptom according to its importance.

Abby, 32 years old, came to see us for help with edema of her upper eyelids (2) of three weeks duration. Her eyelids were red (2) and burning (3). They felt better from applying cold water (2).

She had two episodes of cystitis over the past year. She had tried to treat herself with herbs without success. She complained of burning (2) and stinging (2) in the bladder on urination (2), especially at the end of the stream (2). The pain was worse right before (2) and at the end of urination (2). She experienced a lot of urgency (3) at first.

Abby also complained of recurrent vaginitis (3). She had a profuse (3), thick (2), creamy (2) vaginal discharge. When it got bad, her labia were red (3), swollen (3), and burned (3).

She had terrible cramps just before her menses (3). She felt a drawing (3), squeezing (3) sensation in her ovaries. It was somewhat better when she doubled over (2). The pain always occurred in the middle of the night (3). Her menstrual flow was heavy at the beginning of each period. The first night she had to get up in the middle of the night to change her menstrual pad. Her cramps tapered off with the flow. Her sexual energy was good.

Abby had a past history of eczema which had gone away when she eliminated dairy from her diet. She had a tendency to constipation (2). Her nails were very soft (2).

She liked olives (2) and chocolate (3). Lately she was less thirsty. She was not particularly warm or chilly. She slept well, mostly on her back.

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By Robert Ullman

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