Beta-Thalassemia, Hyperlipoproteinemia(a), And Metabolic Syndrome: Its Low-Cost Holistic Therapy


METABOLIC syndrome
INSULIN resistance

Abstract:Metabolic syndrome (MS) is an emerging global health problem. Although studies highlighting its genetic, lipid, and cardiometabolic associations have been described in detail, the exact cause for these associations is not clear. The authors describe, in this study, the case of a patient who, along with his family members, had clinical evidence of MS. In addition, this patient also exhibited ?-thalassemia minor and hyperlipoproteinemia(a). Lipoprotein [Lp(a)] levels diminished significantly following therapy with bark-stem powder of Terminalia arjuna, an ancient remedy recommended for angina pectoris. The co-existence of these conditions, reflecting both a genetic link and a significant reduction in Lp(a) levels amounting to 24.71% following the administration of T. arjuna, prompted the authors to report on this case.

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