Handling Menopause Happily and Healthfully


Handling Menopause Happily and Healthfully

Is that your biological clock that you hear ticking? Concerned about the dreaded "change of life"? Menopause is a word that fills many women with fear and anxiety. Feelings of uncertainty and confusion often provoke questions like "How will I feel -- mentally, physically and sexually -- without sex hormones?" "Will I age more rapidly without estrogen in my body?" "If I have a premature menopause, can I still have a baby?" Smart Medicine for Menopause has the answers to all these questions and more.

Menopause is obviously a major physical milestone in a woman's life -- perhaps second only to childbirth. It is the point at which the female reproductive organs become unable to manufacture the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone. While all women naturally go through menopause eventually, few have concrete information about the changes taking place in their bodies. Smart Medicine for Menopause explains what is happening, lets you know what to expect, and tells you what you can do to minimize unpleasant symptoms and maximize your good health.

Author Sandra Cabot, a physician with extensive experience in helping women with hormonal disorders, weight problems and chronic health concerns, notes that there are many options for menopausal women, derived both from conventional and alternative therapies. She notes that hormone replacement therapy may be the answer for many women, as it is one proven method of warding off the development of brittle bones or osteoporosis, the crippling disease that afflicts millions of women over 50 each year.

But Cabot also discusses dietary, nutritional and herbal therapies that can help reduce or eliminate the bothersome accompaniments to menopause experienced by some women. In Smart Medicine for Menopause, she details the safe, simple and effective solutions such as hormone replacement therapy, counseling, nutritional supplements, dietary modification and general medical treatment -- to help ensure that the passage to midlife and beyond is a fruitful and pleasant voyage. There are chapters detailing how to slow down the aging process after menopause; how to revive a lost libido; even "male menopause," as well as a list of resource organizations that may be helpful to the menopausal woman.

With the information in Smart Medicine for Menopause, women can master menopause and emerge with their vitality, femininity, sexuality and peace of mind intact. ($9.95)

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