Menopause: The facts. And an answer


What is Menopause?
Menopause is the point in a woman's life when menstruation stops permanently. This signifies the end of her ability to have children. Known as the "change of life," menopause is the last stage of a gradual process in which the ovaries reduce their production of female sex hormones. This process begins about three to five years before the final menstrual period. This transitional phase is called the climacteric, or perimenopause. Menopause is considered complete when a woman has been without periods for one year. On average, this is about age 50 -however, like the beginning of menstruation, timing varies from person to person.

The ovaries begin to decline in hormone production during the mid-thirties. In the late forties, the process accelerates and hormones fluctuate more, causing irregular menstrual cycles and unpredictable episodes of heavy bleeding. By the early to mid-fifties, periods finally end altogether. However, estrogen production does not completely stop. The ovaries decrease their output significantly, but still may produce a small amount. Also, another form of estrogen is produced in fat tissue with help from the adrenal glands (near the kidney). Although this form of estrogen is weaker than that produced by the ovaries, it increases with age and with the amount of fat tissue.

Symptoms of Menopause
About 95% of women report troublesome symptoms during menopause (this includes perimenopause, premenopause, and postmenopause)

Hot Flashes
Hot flashes appear to be a direct result of decreasing estrogen levels. In response to falling estrogen levels, your glands release higher amounts of other hormones that affect the brain's thermostat, causing body temperatures to fluctuate.

Vaginal/Urinary Tract Changes
With advancing age, the walls of the vagina become thinner, dryer, less elastic and more vulnerable to infection. These changes can make sexual intercourse uncomfortable or painful.

Sexual Changes
For some women, menopause brings a decrease in sexual activity. Reduced hormone levels cause subtle changes in the genital tissues. This is thought to be linked to a decline in sexual interest. Lower estrogen levels decrease the blood supply to the vagina and the nerves and glands surrounding it. This makes delicate tissues thinner, drier, and less able to produce secretions to comfortably lubricate before and during intercourse.

Other signs of menopause include achy joints, insomnia, early wakening, night sweats, difficulty concentrating or remembering things, headaches and symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome.

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By Elizabeth Lackner

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