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"Americans no longer believe the pitch that gambling is 'economic development', and a 'painless revenue stream.' People aren't listening to thieves promoting gambling as 'just another form of entertainment' like shopping and the movies.' The bloom is off the gambling rose and its thorns are starting to pierce the consciousness of America." - NCALG (National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling) Executive Director Tom Grey.

It starts with the timeless, comfortable environment-the plush carpets, low lights, well-dressed dealers, and pretty waitresses. The sound of money clinking from the slot machines, someone is always winning something. You'll notice that there are no windows or clocks. The money you're playing with is not really money anymore, they're only chips and coins. Alcohol is served so gamblers become disoriented, uninhibited and their judgments are impaired. You'll go from betting $2 to over $100 in very little time. They pump oxygen in the casinos to keep gamblers awake to take more money from them.

The phrase "caveat emptor", or let the buyer beware, is used to warn buyers that often times they may not be getting what they think they're buying. This is especially true of gambling. Each time you gamble what exactly is it that you're trying to purchase with your money? You already know from experience that you're not purchasing more money because you've lost more than you've won. If it's not money you're trying to buy, then what is it?

"You go into a shoe shop, you pay your money and you leave with a nice pair of shoes. What does casino sell? A casino is selling you a dream. Nothing more. So how do they sell you this dream? They make it look like fun. They give you glitzy lights, flashing neon, pictures of young and old, nice looking people with smiling faces having fun and enjoying themselves. Once inside they will 'pal you up,' get friendly, send you pretty tail waitresses, teach the dealers to smile. If you are a high roller, they will send you a limo, pay your hotel and food costs, or even send you a LearJet if you play enough.

"Online, they offer you free stuff. They offer you bonuses. They will even give you double your first deposit of $100 or $1,000. And they do all this to get you in there! Free downloads to 'play' for free!

"Don't worry about the hook, the hook will take care of itself. The gambler's desire to get his money back will keep him coming time and time again…and again…and again. Those that win in the beginning will keep coming again…and again…and again to satisfy their greed and hopes of getting something for nothing. The problems are hooked before they get in the door or onto the site.

"What they do not tell you and will not tell you is: The Dream soon turns into a nightmare for many. It will destroy people's lives, causecause depressions, feelings of terrible guilt, lower their self-esteem and make their lives a complete misery. It will causecause some to rob or embezzle from their employers and some to kill themselves. And they do not care! They prey on human weaknesses. They think that you are all fools and that fools and their money are soon strangers.

"Now, if casinos, live or online, are willing to pay airfares, 5 star hotel accommodation and give you free money to start with, how confident do you think they are in not only getting that money back, but making a huge profit from you? The FOOL." --Ravisher

In marketing, a product or service has to have a competitive advantage over other products or services. Coca-Cola is known for its brand name, Lexus is known for its prestige, Disney is known for its family entertainment and values, and Wal-Mart is known for its low prices. But what is the competitive advantage of gambling? Why would someone spend $100 gambling rather than at a local restaurant or theater when they know the monetary return in the long-run is negative? The people who market gambling have a competitive advantage that is much more potent and effective than Coca-Cola, Lexus, Disney and Wal-Mart combined. Gambling marketers rely on two enduring human weaknesses: laziness and greed.

"The practice of the gambling industry is to take as much money, credit and assets from their customers as quickly and often as possible. They have been very successful at this practice. They acquire huge profits from this practice. The huge profits from this practice are in direct proportion to the huge losses suffered by their customers. This practice of the gambling industry poses a problem for everyone who patronizes them. All customers of the gambling industry have a gambling problem. The problem is only a matter of degree. Gambling is a sophisticated form of legalized stealing."

"Donald Trump, and Steve Wynn are sitting in their plush penthouse suite with their feet up on the marble desk, smoking Havanas, drinking brandy, and laughing their butts off, thinking about this wonderful industry they're in. They put people, like you and me, on what I call the casino ladder. They bat us with COMPS [compliments] as they move them from prong to prong, until we're on empty. And what do we do when our gambling career is over? We go to meeting rooms throughout the country with other poor souls like ourselves, looking to relive the pain, and find a cure to stop gambling…It's hard for me to believe those in the Gaming Industry are sincere, and those who patronize their facilities I assume are clueless or in denial of what really goes on in those Dens of Inequity." - Bill Kearney, author COMPED

"So, you want to gamble? I can show you how to make a small fortune! Start with a big one!

"Gambling is the quickest way to go bankrupt. While in the casino I just left, I saw one person lose a small airline, and a construction company, and $13,000,000. Another person lose an hotel, a travel agency and a ton of cash! Another person in prison for scamming foreign currency in his job. Another in prison for shipping drugs in order to make 'quick' money for gambling. Others losing houses, land, business, families, and resorting to 'sex for money' just to gamble the money away 10 minutes later. I have worked in 15 casinos around the world and seen hundreds go BROKE in a BIG way!

"You ask a good question, 'Where are the big winners from 1985?' Most are poor, some are flat busted and some are dead. We keep track of the major gamblers and we 'know' what they are losing over time. Yet, when we ask them how they are doing over the years, they'll say, 'Oh, I'm about even, maybe a bit in front.' Sure they are…NOT. Gamblers even lie to themselves. At the end of the year, ALL regular gamblers in any casino are losing. I mean ALL.

"We love big winners in the casino. When I say big winners, I mean on any given day. The money they won is on LOAN. What it does do for the casino is ADVERTISING. The other gamblers see the 'big winner' and it gives them hope and adds to the DREAM we sell. The dream sooner or later turns into your worst nightmare! Addictive gambling!

"The best tipper I knew ended up putting a gun in his mouth after losing his beautiful family, his home and two factories. The bullet came out the side of his face, and the people he tipped and lost his money to, laughed and made jokes about him not even being able to kill himself right.

"I can relate hundreds of stories; people owing 'money lenders' (loan sharks), people robbing, embezzlements, prison, suicides, and more. There is no way you can escape eventually going BROKE! It does not matter whether I is casinos, poker, horse racing, sports betting, or online. It is ALL gambling." --Ravisher, 37 year casino insider.

Interesting comments from all concerning the self help forums and gambling industry. I have an ex friend who has two gambling establishments...small though they may be she lives off the money of others and does very little work to get it. She is now unraveling due to her own addictions and with her life falling apart it is interesting to watch her lash out at others and remind them of all the "nice things" she did for them, when really they were only done to have some leverage for later on. She preys on the weak....knows she has something they want and uses it to meet her own needs. In my industry they call her a perpetrator. Which is far worse than a thief. A thief steals things, a perpetrator finds weaknesses of others and steals from the person.

I am an eternal optimist with a pessimistic streak. (if ever there were such a thing!!) I believe in the nature of man to be basically good. What I have come to understand is that NO ONE, does something for nothing. All human beings have an angle of sorts.

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Yes, as the Americans say, "There is no such thing as a free lunch."