Herpes simplex - A Homeopathic Approach


Herpes simplex -- A Homeopathic Approach

Home Care

Keep the eruption and surrounding skin clean and dry, and cover it with a dry gauze bandage to protect it from injury and bacteria when you go out. Examine the rash to be sure that a bacterial infection isn't taking hold (indicated by a great deal of pus or redness spreading from around the sores). Take special care eat well and get ample rest.


- Rhus tox is an important remedy for people with herpes. Small inflamed blisters appearing in clusters and filled with a yellowish, watery fluid are typical of herpes and of this medicine, as are intense moving around. Rhus tox, along with Arsenicum, Natrum mur and Hepar, is a primary medicine for people with cold sores around the lips or mouth.

- Arsenicum should be considered if the herpes sores burn intensely but feel better when warmth applied.

- Natrum mur is indicated when herpes blisters containing a clear liquid develop about the lips, appearing like little pearls. The lips may be cracked. Often the cold sores appear during a fever or cold. Though the sores maybe painful, pain is not a characteristic, with other medicines like Hepar or Arsenicum.

- Herpes sores that are painfully sensitive to touch or cold suggest Hepar. Pus is likely to form rapidly.

- Dulcamara may be helpful when herpes appears on the face or genitals if it seems to have been triggered by exposure to hot or cold damp weather. The sores are moist, form pus, and may dry to become brown crusts.

-- from Everybody's Guide to Homeopathic Medicines

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