Natural Alternatives to Mass Meds


Each month, Amber D. Ackerson, ND, informs you about complementary and alternative choices to mass-produced over-the-counter (OTC) drugs.

Legend for Chart:
Diarrhea Pepto-Bismol, Bismatrol (bismuth
subsalicylate), K-P, Kapectolin
(kaolin with pectin), Imodium A-D
(loperamide), Kaopectate Advanced
Formula (attapulgite), CharcoCaps
Carob powder added to foods and drinks will help stop diarrhea.
For children, 15 grams of carob powder added to applesauce is
especially helpful. Also, take probiotics or yogurt with live
lactobacillus and bifidobacteria cultures to rebalance
intestinal flora. Proflora whey will also alleviate diarrhea
and normalize intestinal pH. And be sure to drink plenty of
water to avoid dehydration (6-8 glasses daily).
Hemorrhoids Topical Preparations: Anusol,
Preparation H; Medicated Wipes:
Witch hazel ointment applied topically with a cotton ball 3-4
times daily will ease hemorroids. Standardized horse chestnut
seed extract providing 16-21% aescin (also known as escin),
30-50 milligrams orally, three times daily between meals also
Constipation Laxatives Containing Senna: Ex-Lax,
Feen-A-Mint, Fletcher's Castoria;
Laxatives Containing Fiber:
Citrucel, FiberCon, Metamucil
Take 3-4 grams of glucomannan (derived from konjac root) daily.
For an added fiber boost, take 1-3 teaspoons of psyllium seeds
or 5 grams of psyllium husk in water, diluted juice, or tea
each morning. Or try Naturlax 2 or Triphala Internal Cleanser
taken as directed on label.
Motion Sickness Dramamine (dimenhydrinate), Benadryl
(diphenhydramine), Antivert,
Dramamine II (meclizine)
Take 2 capsules of feeeze-dried gingerroot every 3 hours. For
prevention, take 2 caps one hour prior to travel. For children,
mix about ½ cap in a spoon of applesauce. Nux Vomica is
a homeopathic remedy for motion sickness that works especially
well for children. Use as directed on label.

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