A Gambler is a Sucker


Written by a 37 year veteran of the casino industry

If people do not lose their money in casinos

They will lose it somewhere else Why not take their money

All gamblers are MUGS All we have to do is get them in the door

They cannot win No casino has ever gone broke It is a license to print money

If people are stupid enough to gamble

They deserve all they get

Or all they DON'T get We sell them a dream

And a dream is all it is

And all it ever will be

We never talk of "gambling" We talk of "playing"

We never mention the word "lose"

We only talk of "winning" or wins

On Baccarat, "Player WINS!"

No mention of bank loses

That would be a SIN in any casino Never have a clock inside a casino

Never have windows in a casino

Don't let them know what time it is

They want or need to leave Keep them losing as long as possible

The longer they gamble the more they will lose!

Big gamblers get rooms paid, limo service, air fares, food and beverages

Anything to get them INSIDE and GAMBLING (playing)

If the gambler ends up killing themselves, it is a pity

Because we can't make any more money from them

But there will always be somebody to take their place


"MUG=SUCKER. Are you a sucker? If you're not, then quit gambling. If you are a sucker, then continue to gamble and lose your hard earned money."


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