The Intimate Link Between Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease

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Abstract:The article focuses on the connection between erectile dysfunction and heart disease. Various studies revealed that risk factors for erectile dysfunction to be very similar to those for heart disease. Hypertension, smoking, diabetes and many others all strongly predict sexual dysfunction in men, as they do heart disease.

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ED was a stronger predictor of significant coronary heart disease than any of the traditional office-based risk factors, such as family history, cholesterol levels or blood pressure. ED was also associated with reduced exercise endurance and decreased ejection fraction -- a measure of the heart's pumping capacity.

"This suggests we may need to ask male patients a new set of sensitive questions as part of the evaluation for heart disease," said cardiologist and study director Parker Ward, M.D., assistant professor of medicine and director of the cardiology clinic at the University of Chicago. "The good news is that a decrease in sexual function could provide an additional warning sign for the presence of heart disease."

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