Homoeopathic Treatment of Eczema


This is an impressive book and the author is to be congratulated. The subject is difficult and there are many who might jib at attempting it.

His use of a wide range of medicines leaves one with a feeling of personal inadequacy. However, all is not lost if it is appreciated that the bowel nosode, Morgan Pure, has the following associated remedies: Alumina, Calc. carb., Calc. sulph., Graphites, Hepar sulph., Kali sulph., Lycopodium, Medorrhinum, Petroleum, Psorinum, Pulsatilla, Rhus tox., Sepia, Sulphur, Thuja and Tuberculinum.

Analysis of a case leading to the selection of the simillimum, and the offering of that medicine in a unit dose leading to a steady and progressive improvement, has an undoubted intellectual appeal but it is not, I regret to say, my frequent experience.

Offering Morgan Pure or Sycotic Co., if indicated, is unlikely to harm or muddle a case. It may lead to one of the above medicines or may, indeed, be sufficient of itself to lead the case to a successful conclusion.

As the author points out on page 41, there may well be greater possibilities of improvement "as long as there are individualising mentals and generals with which to work" but, as he states on page 40, "particulars can be very useful".

Boger, a man of few words, based his repertory on Boenninghausen who considered modalities (conditions of aggravation and amelioration) of prime importance. It is of interest that Boenninghausen's precision was such that he used five degrees of grading.

So far as potency is concerned, the author points out on page 74, and again on page 83, that it is rare, but not unknown, "for a 6c to cause a violent aggravation". The skin is a sensitive organ and care should, I believe, be taken to avoid an aggravation, particularly in children.

If one offers a 6c of a unit dose and asks the patient to wait, when there is a reaction for better or worse, it is unlikely that harm will be done.

In conclusion, I would suggest that many of us will learn something from this book and that Robin Logan's name is not out of place in Beaconsfield's list of authors. Its publication maintains John Churchill's high standards in medical publishing.

British Homoeopathic Association (BHA).


By J.D. Somper

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