Nature's Own Candida Cure


I never thought I'd see the day when Candida sufferers could celebrate — but that day has arrived! Nature's Own Candida Cure is alive books' latest addition to the Natural Health Guide series. This new title is a clever collaboration between Dr Willian Crook, the world's best known anti-yeast author, and Vancouver's chef extraordinaire, Fred Edrissi.

Dr Crook is largely responsible for bringing yeast-related health disorders into the public arena. His 13 previous books make this a subject easily understood by lay readers around the world.

In this new guide, America's favorite yeast doctor distills a lifetime of experience in diagnosing and treating Candida into an extremely manageable, easy-to-read format. The book's short but comprehensive Candida questionnaire is a quick and painless way to find out whether or not your health problems are likely a result of yeast overgrowth. How to recognize yeast-induced symptoms in women, men and children, how to break the cycle that leads to overgrowth, regaining health, non-prescription anti-yeast medications and yeast tolerance testing are all covered in the guide's first section.

Crook's approach is more friendly than clinical. The emphasis is on how to best incorporate lifestyle and dietary changes into the reader's individual and busy schedule. Here again we benefit from the thousands of patients treated by this doctor over the years. Their feedback has provided him with the necessary insights to help make a transition to yeast-free living as smooth as possible for others. You couldn't ask for help from a better source.

Candida control is synonymous with lifestyle and dietary changes. Equal credit must be given to this book's recipe section — with bonus points for exquisite visual appeal. I've reviewed many books on this subject over the years and I have never seen the subject of Candida cookery raised to such culinary and artistic heights until now. These recipes are creative and utterly appealing, making use of those ingredients most readily available in fresh produce outlets and natural food stores. Here, the influence of recipe-developer/food stylist Fred Edrissi is clearly obvious. His Colorful Kohlrabi and Beet Soup, Baked Seasonal Vegetables, and Tomato Tofu Tower are just a few of the recipes that almost leap from their pages, demanding to be sampled. Because consistently correct food choices are critical to Candida cure success, Edrissi's recipes are something of a golden key in unlocking the door to renewed health.

Nature's Own Candida Cure is the most refreshing look at yeast control and prevention I have seen.



By Hélène Meurer, Hélène Meurer is a writer and book reviewer who lives on Salt Spring Island, BC.

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