Understanding Candida: Diet Suggestions for Candida


Understanding Candida: Diet Suggestions for Candida

Stinging nettles added to the diet can be helpful in cases of Candida. Nettles contain an extemely high chlorophyll, silica, and iron content, as well as great vitality and a formative, light-filled strength.

In Spring and Fall fresh nettles can be added to soups or as cooked as a vegetable. Young spring nettles can also be added to salads. Nettles help regulate bowel movement, cleansing as they eliminate.

Another interesting dietary support for the digestive system in counteracting Candida is drinking barley- and millet water. Both, but especially barley, have a relationship to light and are harmonizing and comforting to irritated intestinal mucus membranes. Altogether, well-cooked, boiled or sun dried foods are intensified in their light quality - it is as though blossoming is induced. Raw juice, on the other hand, should be avoided.

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By Johannes Kingma

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