Homeopathic Treatment of Cataracts


An 8-year old Yorkshire Terrier presented in her right eye a senile cataract, white and opaque, with intense corneal sclerosis which occupied the entire visual superficies. In the left eye, another cataract was starting in the form of small points in front of the crystalline lens. Considering that a new cataract would quickly develop in this eye, leaving the animal totally blind, we decided to begin a treatment with injectable homeopathic medications. We selected five injectable preparations which we began administering twice weekly and continued for four weeks:

Oculis totalis-suis Injeel(R), Lens-suis Injeel(R), Corpus vitreus-suis Injeel(R), Nervus opticus-suis Injeel(R), Retina-suis Injeel(R)

At the end of this period we observed:

Disappearance of the corneal sclerosis in both eyes and a return of transparency of the affected cornea

Improvement of the pupillary reflex

Disappearance of the initial points of cataract in the left eye

Reduction in density of the cataract in the right eye

We continued the treatment for eight more weeks, reducing the injections to once per week. Two weeks later, the pathology had stabilized, the animal still had some vision in the right eye, and total vision in the left.

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By R.A. Bidarte

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