Cataract Antioxidants, Vitamin E & C, Beta-Carotene, Visual Acuity


Cataract Antioxidants, Vitamin E & C, Beta-Carotene, Visual Acuity

In evaluating over 22,000 people in the Physician's Health Study at Harvard Medical School who were cataract-free in 1982, it was found that those who took multivitamin supplements had a significant reduced risk for subsequent cataract formation, but not a significant reduction in cataract extraction. Nonsignificant risk reductions were noted in subjects who supplemented with vitamins E or C. A second study at the University of Helsinki evaluated 1200 males from a larger study of lung cancer prevention, consisting of over 29,000 males, and preliminary results showed that supplementing with beta-carotene at 20 mgs per day and vitamin E at 50 rags per day, or a combination of these improved visual acuity both with and without glasses.

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By Kirk Hamilton

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