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A number of years ago my husband was diagnosed with a cataract on his eye. As we all know, cataracts have to be allowed to grow and mature until they can be removed surgically. This, I understand is the usual procedure.

One article I read in a magazine had stated that in countries where people got enough of the antioxidants (vitamin C, E and beta-carotene) in their diet there was a low ratio of cataracts. In fact, the writer had stated that cataracts could become obsolete if people ate healthier and supplemented their diets with the antioxidants. I began reading more articles on this subject and they all said the same thing.

A lot has been written on the benefits of the antioxidants not only in relation to cataracts but also in reducing the risk of cancer. I understand they counteract the effects of the free radicals in our bodies which are so damaging to the cells.

So my husband started taking these vitamins on a regular basis. Every year he went for his annual eye examination, and each year he was told by his optometrist that the cataract had not grown. Last year when he went to the optometrist, I suggested that if it had still not grown to ask his doctor why.

It had not grown, so when Elwin asked him why the doctor replied, "I really don't know."

My husband then told him what he was taking and the doctor answered, "Whatever you are doing, continue with it."

This past November, Elwin again went for his annual check-up. Later when he arrived home he said to me, "Guess what? I don't have a Cadillac any more," making a joke of it.

"But seriously," he said, "the doctor said there was no sign of a cataract on my eye."

The doctor then asked Elwin how he stayed in such good shape.

This was exciting news. Although we both gave the antioxidants the credit for the cataract not maturing, we never dreamt it would be reversed and disappear.

Can you imagine how our health care costs would be reduced if the medical profession could catch hold of this and prescribe antioxidants instead of following the traditional method of surgery? Elwin was able to accomplish through diet and supplements, what ordinarily requires surgery by a professional!

My husband was also having prostate problems a few years ago. He started taking 30mg of zinc daily and has never had a recurrence of this problem. This only goes to show how much we can do for our health problems when we take responsibility for our health.

When our success stories are told to most doctors they respond with, "But it hasn't been scientifically proven."

The following is a quote from Thomas Edison.

"Until man duplicates a blade of grass, nature can laugh at his scientific knowledge."

Remedies from chemicals will never stand in favor, compared with the products from nature. When correctly used, herbs promote the elimination of waste matter and poisons from the system by simple, natural means. They support nature in its fight against disease, while chemicals, not being assimilated, add to the accumulation of morbid matter and only simulate improvement by suppressing systems.

Ms Atwood lives in Yarmouth County, NS.

The Ultimate Antioxidant Combination

Antioxidants inhibit the formation of enzymes that cause an overreaction of the immune system to ordinarily harmless substances. They work synergistically or holistically with thousands of other substances in our bodies to combine the benefits of antioxidants with bioflavonoids.

Large quantities of anitoxidants are needed to dissolve cataracts. Try:

500 mg of vitamin C with bioflavonoids, two or three times a day
400IU of vitamin E two or three times a day
100mcg of selenium twice a day
100 mg of vitamin B-complex taken after breakfast
30,000 units of vitamin A with zinc
Bioflavonoids are a key player in the ultimate antioxidant combination. They are water-soluble, vitamin-like substances present in citrus fruits, rose hips and other plants. Proanthocyanidin (pycnogenol), a substance present in the bark of pine trees has proven to be 50 times more effective than vitamin E and 20 times more effective than vitamin C, as antioxidants.

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By Shirley Atwood

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