Arginine for Stable Angina


Arginine for Stable Angina

Reference: Ceremuzynski L, Chamiec T, Herbaczynska-Cedro K. Effect of supplemental oral L-arginine on exercise capacity in patients with stable angina pectoris. Am J Cardiol 1997; 30:331- 3.

Summary: To investigate the effect of oral L-arginine in patients with stable angina, 20 men and two women with this condition were recruited. All had previously experienced myocardial infarction. They were randomized to receive either 2 g arginine three times daily or placebo for three days. Stress testing was performed before and after the supplementation period. All participants were taking a variety of cardiovascular medications concurrently. Both placebo and arginine improved the time to maximal ST segment depression during exercise testing significantly, though the improvement after arginine was significantly better than that seen after placebo. The mean ST segment depression was less severe in the group which received arginine compared to baseline; the severity of depression was not improved in the placebo group. Maximum workload during the stress test was significantly improved by arginine but not placebo. There were no adverse effects from arginine.

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By E. Yarnell

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