A Far Sight Better: Charting ways to combat macular degeneration

A Far Sight Better: Charting ways to combat macular degeneration

STATISTICS TELL US THAT more than 12 million Americans show the early signs of macular degeneration, a disease of progressive vision loss that, for many, leads to blindness. Despite the fact that macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness among the elderly, there are no health organizations devoted to finding a cure, and no societies dedicated to its prevention.

In the new book, Save Your Sight! Natural Ways to Prevent and Reverse Macular Degeneration, Marc R. Rose and Michael R. Rose share effective and all-natural strategies in the treatment of patients suffering from this grim but preventable disease.

When the tiny blood vessels that nourish the retina are adversely affected by poor diet and lifestyle choices, degeneration occurs. At the Rose Eye Medical Center in Los Angeles, and the Institute for Visual Wellness in Costa Mesa, Calif., the Roses -- both physicians and ophthalmologists, members of the Life Extension Foundation's Medical Advisory Board, and identical twins -- detail how many of their patients have halted the progression of macular degeneration, and dozens actually reverse it, by following a simple, nutritional therapy and other lifestyle adjustments.

In Save Your Sight!, the authors provide detailed nutritional guidelines based on alternative medicine techniques, combined with modern health-care research. Beginning with their "Ten Steps to Restoring Vision and Vitality" (including meditation, a varied and natural diet, and regular exercise), Drs. Rose and Rose lead readers through a discussion of how the eyes work, and the best ways to care for their health.

Topics include:

- Early detection -- using special eye charts and illustrations, readers can detect the telltale signs of macular degeneration.

- The advantages and disadvantages of such conventional treatments as laser surgery, radiation treatment and anti-angiogenesis drugs.

- All natural nutritional supplements that may prevent or halt progress of macular degeneration, such as vitamin C, magnesium and garlic.

- The dangers of common prescription drugs, which often negatively affect nutrients and, inevitably, eyesight.

- How to rid the body of the toxins that are found in our water and food by fasting and by chelation therapy, a cleansing of the blood vessels.

There are also chapters devoted to the prevention and healing of such eye maladies as glaucoma, diabetic eye disease and retinitis pigmentosa, as well as a list of resources that includes organizations for the partially sighted and blind.

By following the guidelines in Save Your Sight!, readers suffering from macular degeneration and other eye disorders can help themselves improve their vision and, at the very least, keep it from getting worse.

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