Iodine Combats Breast Cysts

Iodine Combats Breast Cysts

In 1993, British Columbia doctor David Derry, MD, became intrigued by a report in the Canadian Journal of Surgery which described the benefits of iodine in reducing fibrocystic breast lumps. Since then he has advised over 200 of his female patients to take extra iodine in order to remove cysts. The results have been spectacular. Although complete disappearance of the lumps may take anywhere from two months to two years the success rate so far has been 100 per cent.

Dr Derry is adamant that most women do not get nearly enough iodine in their diets to protect their breasts against lump formation. He also believes that a lack of iodine may be an important risk factor for breast cancer.

NOTE: Antiseptic iodine is not recommended as it contains poisonous wood alcohol. Please also bear in mind that iodine supplementation may not be advisable for everyone, particularly for those with thyroid problems. Please check with your physician before embarking on self-medication.

-- Victoria Times Colonist, September 9, 1997

Canadian Health Reform Products Ltd.


By Hans R. Larsen

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