Another Herb Proves Its Power!


Another Herb Proves Its Power!

In a prior Healing Newsletter, (Vol.12, No.4, p.5) we described the excellent results obtained from St. John's Wort in overcoming depression. More recently, in an issue of TIME magazine, dated November 3, 1997, there is a story drawn from a study on ginkgo conducted by The Institute for Medical Research in Tarrytown, NY (principal investigator, Dr. Pierre LeBars, Neurologist.) The results of this study were initially published by the prestigious JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), citing the beneficial effects of ginkgo in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

The author of the article in TIME magazine, Christine Gorman, describes ginkgo's origins coming from a very primitive, non-flowering tree that has existed for some 230 million years. She also reports that over the past decade in Europe, ginkgo has become one of the most widely prescribed natural drugs.

The American researchers, under Dr. Pierre LeBars, proved that an extract of ginkgo has a "small but measurable effect on dementia." Dr. LeBars is quoted as saving: "Ginkgo is no miracle, but we have some patients who have stabilized for four years." In the treatment of Alzheimers, that is a considerable advance.

The TIME author further reports that "in Germany, where ginkgo sales topped $163 million last year, the extract has been the subject of hundreds of scientific studies (some even bigger than the one reported in JAMA). These studies show that among other things, [it] keeps platelets in the blood from clumping together. That is why ginkgo extract is prescribed in Europe for patients with circulatory problems [in small doses]. Much higher doses are used to treat dementia."

The researchers are not promising that ginkgo will cure Alzheimers (also known as `premature dementia'), but it seems that the best results were obtained with patients diagnosed relatively early, who were the least impaired. This points of course to the importance of early detection and treatment.

Since the Gerson Therapy has shown some good response in the treatment of Alzheimers, the administering of ginkgo to patients also receiving a high level of natural nutrients and thorough detoxification, could magnify the effects of treatment for the disease- even in a very advanced case.

The Gerson Institute.


By Charlotte Gerson

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