Recent Research: Alzheimers


Reflexology is linked to relief of symptoms for Alzheimmer's patients in a September British newspaper article. A six-month project to study the effects of reflexology and aromatherapy with Alzheimmer's patients was funded by Age Concern and Kingston and Richmond Health Authority. "The most significant outcome was a reduction in body stiffness and arthritis. Many residents saw an obvious alleviation of some symptoms of Alzheimmer's - such as restlessness and wandering. Depression and skin conditions also improved." ("Old age converts to the New Age," Daily Mail, September 14, 1995)

"George Leger (of Winnipeg, Manitoba) has observed a distinctive big toe shape in a study of twenty Alzheimmer's patients. Eighteen of the twenty residents of an Alzheimmer's ward of a senior citizen's home showed the syndrome. In these patients, the ball of the big toe protruded and extended to cover the second toe on the sole of the foot. For some, the extension covered the third toe as well." ("News," Reflexions, Fall/Winter, 1991, p. 4)


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