Mental Energy: Assessing the Mood Dimension

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Abstract:The article provides background information for the concept of mood in human beings and focuses on specific measures of the mood of mental energy. Moods are subjective feelings for which there is no valid and objective measure. Self-reported feelings are recognized as the best method for assessing moods that can be conceptualized in various ways such as general, specific, negative and positive. The intensity and frequency of moods are the most common dimensions measured. Three widely used methods such as visual analog scales, the vitality scale of the SF-36 Health Survey, and the vigor scale of POMS have been considered to be best equipped to measure the mood of mental energy. Visual analog scales are simple and valid with some advantages and disadvantages, while the vigor scale of POMS5 appears to be the most acceptable measure of the mood of energy. Further, the vitality scale of the SF-36 Health Survey that was originally conceptualized as a measure of well-being, is found to be more precisely a measure of energy and fatigue.

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