Divine Energy

[Using our positive energy as a force for good in the world.]

Energy flows where attention goes. What is energizing your life experience at this moment? Energy is in us, all around us, and each of us has a personal choice as to how we utilize this magnificent force.

Are we using this force in a negative, destructive way or are we allowing a divine energy to take over and enlighten us on our spiritual and eternal journey in a positive and affirmative way?

A well known biblical reference states "Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself." I might add, what has been the nature of your "do unto yourselves?" A whole spectrum of practices, thoughts, feelings, actions, responses and attitudes surface, all of which translate into how I have utilized the energy that I am. After eons and eons, by the Grace of God I was introduced to the spiritual essence which abides in me... and in each of us.

The spirit of unconditional love is the ultimate energy available to us and it has its roots deep within us. It is what motivates and activates our worthwhile, creative and productive endeavors. However, too often we humans waste energy by focusing our attention on outer circumstances rather than using this vital tool to build up our own inner strength, integrity, values, and spirit. Energy is generated from a power plant... a power of spiritual heritage planted within each of us by our creator and a power for good... a birthright for all.

Each of us is a spokesperson for this spiritual essence of goodness. God -- goodness -- is all there is. One ultimate power vibrating and flowing through us. When we get our bloated nothingness out of the way and release the human traits that deter us from this divine source and energy, we become open to the awareness of this everflowing divine resource.

As we become open to this realization and accept it, we give this divine source, with all its magnificent attributes, the opportunity to activate and demonstrate its perfect expression through our feelings, thoughts, attitudes, actions and responses. A wholeness of being is created on the canvas of our life. In this glorious spiritual way of life, we know and accept God. Goodness is the artist and each of us is the canvas of divine creation and expression.

One of the greatest uses of our energy is to engage in the act of being loving, caring, compassionate, kind, peacefelt and forgiving of ourselves and our fellow travelers. It does require that we maintain an open mind, perspective, awareness, a non-judgmental attitude and an honest appraisal of ourselves as we engage in our communications with one other. In addition, it is vital that we conserve our energy where conflict may appear. The magnificent Serenity Prayer says it so well, "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."

Oh, how vital and important it is to use our energy to love, appreciate, praise our own divinity, acknowledge that each of us is an awesome expression of an infinite presence and power with much to contribute to our world, and to live up to that divine ideal. It may be an ideal difficult to live up to, yet it is a "feel good feeling about ourselves" to aspire for, and to share with others.

With so many violent and disturbing aspects of human activities in our world today, it's essential to remember, demonstrate and practice spiritual integrity, honor, compassion, acceptance, understanding and good will toward one another at all times.

Energy covers a wide spectrum of activity. There are many people whose energy and presence light up on the stage of life and who set a dynamic example of how we can best utilize the powerfelt resource.

Through our spiritual awareness, unfoldment, growth, recognition, acceptance and practice, we too may contribute to our world the best way we can, in the pursuit of peace, happiness and oneness with each other.

There is no greater demonstration of energy than the recognition, realization, acceptance and sharing of this magnificent divine gift inherent within the human heart, spirit and soul.


By Pat Cross, Rev.

Rev. Pat Cross is a Science of Mind minister, lecturer, author of Spiritual Awakenings, counselor, teacher and workshop facilitator. (727) 934-6730. rev-Pat_Cross@msn.com http://spiritualawakenings.biz-page.com/

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