Gratitude, Its Magical Energy of Change

Gratitude is a magical method of achieving a complete transformation in one's life and circumstances! The very act and thought of giving thanks in gratitude changes us and all that is around us!

Gratitude is an energy thought process within us that is creative and changing. This gratitude energy generates an astonishing power of feelings within us. These feelings facilitate change because they are able to shift ones' thoughts into a motivating force which is that like attracts. We can see in the animal kingdom that species congregate -such as flocks of birds, schools of fish and herds of herbivores such as deer, elk, etc.

Gratitude, in the very instant of its realization, can simply transform one's life. The happiest people we have known are those that have given simple gratitude for their lives' circumstances! It is a positive way of approaching life and spirituality and combining the two. It enhances our lives because it is a spiritual way of living and growing in the realization that positive energy manifested through thought and emotion, is the universes' way of teaching us the magical secret of life which is to be happy!


By Charles Zinner and Marcella Zinner, M.M.A. Cht.

Rev. Charles Zinner, M.S. holds a Master's Degree in Education and is a spiritual teacher, healer and Reiki Master. He has developed and taught courses in Tarot, numerology, consciousness studies and the teachings of the modern ascended masters. Charles and Marcella are co-founders of Pathways to Awakening Center For Intuitive and Spiritual Studies. 727-785-8780,

Rev. Marcella Zinner, M.M. A., Ch.T, Reiki Master. Marcella completed advanced studies at the Edgar Cayce Foundation, where she holds the position of A.R.E. panel psychic. She has a B.A in Human Resources, a Master's Degree in Metaphysical Arts, and is currently pursing a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology.

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