Mental Energy: Assessing the Cognition Dimension

COGNITION -- Testing
COGNITIVE Abilities Test
MENTAL efficiency
COGNITIVE development
COGNITIVE consistency
EMOTIONS & cognition
MOOD (Psychology)

Abstract:The article focuses on cognitive tests used to assess factors that influence mental energy. These factors include drugs, food constituents, and disease states. Many techniques have been developed by psychologists and other scientists that can be used to assess an individual's cognitive state, both directly and indirectly. Particular aspects of cognitive function can be assessed by a variety of electrophysiological techniques, which have been developed and refined in recent time. Only a few of many tests for assessing human cognitive functions relate directly to mental energy. Cognitive tasks and mood questionnaires have a limitation that subjects must stop ongoing activities to participate in the tests. Ambulatory devices are of greater utility and assess cognitive performance or mood continuously and automatically throughout the day.

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