Energy Psychology in Psychotherapy -- Molecular Healing

ENERGY psychology
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Abstract:Energy Psychology, Meridian Based Psychotherapy, Energy Medicine. Vibrational Medicine, etc., is as old as mankind itself- the energetic paradigm utilized in this modality, is the same as Reiki, Acupuncture systems and theory, and Chakra Philosophy. It has its roots embedded in the ancient healing arts, such as Ayurvedic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tibetan Medicine, to name but a few. Modern science and its increasing ability to understand through valid research the functioning of the human psyche/soma, is confirming what the healing arts of antiquity have been saying for millennia: current researchers into the bio-energy arena are seeing that the human species could be regarded as ‘liquid crystal under tension, capable of vibrating at different frequencies, some in the range of visible light’. Energy Psychology rests upon a central theme that all psychological trauma, ‘emotional wounding’ resides ‘phase locked’ inside of the body, and that this trauma can be understood as a disruption of the bodies' ‘Thought Field energy system’. If untreated, the trauma remains as ‘active information’ which when triggered, is energetically encoded, and the subsequent Thought Field/s activated, which is then experienced somatically as affect, and dissociation. The Thought field is a pivotal linchpin in the scaffold of the Energy Psychology paradigm. Thought Fields could be described as domains of influence, which have elements of electro, magnetic, gravitational, light, sound, elastic and many other constitutes of bio-energy, which are visually unobservable, however, inferred through their effect. Another key component inside of the psychology of bio-energetic medicine is ‘intentionality’. It is hypothesized that the focus of the mind creates Thought Fields; this opens new and fascinating dimensions for the process of healing, whilst raising a profoundly interesting question...

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