Macrobiotic and Raw Diets

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Abstract:The article provides information related to nutrition and health. The author, who is also a dietician, is often asked about the safety and efficacy of alternative diet therapies, namely macrobiotic and raw food diets. The fact is that there are no "magic bullets" to annihilate disease, or "guaranteed" preventative nutrition therapies; however, diet modification can certainly help many afflictions. A macrobiotic diet is mainly a vegetarian diet, focusing on whole cereal grains. The dietary fiber effects of whole grains may reduce serum cholesterol levels and decrease the risk for heart disease. The dietary components of sea vegetables and soy foods may provide protection against hormone-dependent cancers. The exclusion of dairy, eggs and meat from the diet may lead to inadequate intakes of calcium, vitamin B12 and essential amino acids. INSET: Resources For Alternative Nutrition.

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