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JANUARY 1, 1998
The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine sincerely wishes to thank you for your support over the past year. A4M had its start in 1993 with only 12 physicians and now proudly represents your interests into the next millennium of medicine. In 1997 our membership skyrocketed to 3,700 of the world's leaders in health care from 39 nations worldwide.

The 5th International Conference on Anti-Aging Medicine and BioMedical Technology exceeded all previous records with:

2,000 total attendees, 95 percent of registered attendees being practicing physicians
165 exhibitors, a 50 percent increase from 1996
72 members of national or international press to whom credentials were issued
CME of 27 Category I AMA hours was granted to attendees by The University of Arizona College of Medicine.

The American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine (ABAAM) conducted its first Board Certification Examination (Written Part I), 160 physicians registered to sit for this exam. The results of the test are expected to be available in late February after Harvard University's Graduate School of Education completes their analysis and validation of the results.

The popularity of this new Board specialty is overwhelming with another 80 physicians scheduled to sit for our next written Board Exam in July 1998.

New international affiliates are forming to bring the science of Anti-Aging Medicine home to their countries. Delegates from Korea, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, England, France, Vietnam, Hungary, Spain and Canada have started their own national medical societies for Anti-Aging Medicine--all of which are now being networked internationally as affiliates of A4M.

The 1998 Yearbook of Anti-Aging Physicians will soon be available. If you are not already listed, call today so you are not left out. Over 10,000 copies will be sent to key members of the media, health care policy makers and the U.S. Congress.

The first scientific Journal of Anti-Aging Medicine (JAAM), the official voice of the Academy, is being readied for press. JAAM will be an international publication, peer-reviewed and dedicated to clinical aspects of prevention and Anti-Aging Therapeutics for physicians Expected circulation is 150,000 copies.

The A4M East Coast Conference and the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine (ABAAM) Board Certification Exam will be held in Washington, D.C. This two-day event will focus on the clinical practice of Anti-Aging Medicine for the office based physician. REGISTER TODAY. Seating is limited.

6th International Conference on Anti-Aging Medicine, Las Vegas.

The program committee is accepting abstracts for speakers and poster presenters; this conference will focus on the very early detection and prevention of cancer.

To continue to fight for funding of basic science and clinical a anti-aging research, targeting the NIH, NIA, the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry.

To establish LEXCORE, a medical information and data sharing intranet among anti-aging medicine practitioners by eliminating the duplication of efforts and promoting maximum use of each research dollar. It is in the developmental state. We need your help to raise additional funds for LEXCORE to become a reality.

To support the Centenarian study which will test hormonal biomarkers of aging from patient volunteers to identify key biochemical pathways and organs responsible for their maintenance, as well as design new anti-aging treatment protocols by restoring key biomarker levels.

To support educational activities for leaders in Washington, D. C. and encourage our leaders to fund important research that focuses on finding cures to age-related disease.

To educate scientific media sources so they may come to a more profound understanding of aging as the cause of most degenerative disease processes. Via education, A4M has helped to change the medical and scientific landscape of aging research and treatment.

Our successes have been great, but the journey has just begun. In December 1997, our first president, Dr. Ron Klatz, in the opening address of the A4M International Conference, predicted an average life span of 100 years or more for all baby boomers. This goal is achievable, but only with your help. You are the power that has driven the successes of A4M. Together, we can create the Ageless Society.

Happy New Year! With your help, A4M is sure that you will have many, many more.

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