Creating a Cancer Industry


Thyroid cancer is the fastest growing type of cancer of the past two decades, according to a major story in the Vancouver Sun (February 9, 2001). The shocking reason is blamed on a controversial and unresearched program of irradiation of the thymus gland in infants and children, carried out in the 30s, 40s and 50s of the last millennium.

It wasn't until the scientific world witnessed the horrible devastation caused by the atom bomb when it was dropped on residents of Hiroshima that this brutal assault on an important organ of the body was questioned, quietly halted--and the ugly statistics swept under laboratory rags, worldwide.

The Pandora's box of radiation malpractice was opened in 1997 by the Journal of the American Medical Association. And Modem Medicine is still trying to explain away a "vogue" in treating crib death with a new technological toy that resulted in parents consenting to routine irradiation of infants with seemingly "enlarged" thymuses.

Doctors presumed--with no research--that the large thymus could cause suffocation by restricting the trachea, while in fact, that large thymus was designed into the human body to play an infection-fighting role.

"Doctors didn't understand," says Dr Brian Lentle, former head of radiology at Vancouver General Hospital, "that the thymus was big because it was working hard to create an immune library."

He calls it an "embarrassing chapter in medical history."

Dr David Kendler, an endocrinologist who treats thyroid cancer, says, "Physicians weren't clever enough in those days to understand the long-term impact... there were lots of silly things done with X-rays."

Some of those silly things were irradiating teen-aged acne--and the feet of children in shoe stores to see how well the shoes fit!

Modern Medicine cavalierly explains away that shameful 22-year period of irradiation by saying it seemed the right thing to do at the time! It was a haphazard, medical fad, and helpless children and their parents were guinea pigs.

The fads--and the cancers--continue to proliferate.

The Numbers Escalate

The United States and Canada have the highest rates of breast cancer in the world. The United Kingdom has the highest breast cancer mortality. Breast cancer is the single-most cause of all deaths for UK women between 35 and 45. Thyroid cancer is still relatively rare, according to the Sun story, but it's increasing quickly in the Western world, to 6.5 per cent per year in women and 3.5 per cent per year in men. Death rates from thyroid cancer are mounting two per cent annually in both sexes. The reason given is irradiation.

A study reported in the Pediatrics Journal in the early 90s stated that "irradiation of the head, neck or chest of infants and children should be avoided..."

Radiation Research reported that people who were irradiated for enlarged thymuses as infants had a twofold higher risk for developing benign and malignant tumours in areas other than the thyroid (1985). Most of the doctors who prescribed thymus radiation are now dead. Many of the babies they treated with irradiation have either died of cancer or are fighting the disease.

"The way [irradiation] was explained seemed logical," is the tragic statement of 81-year-old Ivy Spence, whose two sons died of cancer in mid-life. "When they told us it would prevent crib death we were all for it."

A "shameful" and "embarrassing" period in medical history?

Criminal, more likely!

And no medical records to indicate how many thymuses were irradiated.

The cancers are increasing and the newest medical fad is defective gene therapy. Independent cancer researcher Ron Gdanski calls this theory "the most significant piece of misinformation put forth by the cancer industry. It's dogma. And it's false!"

Common sense agrees with him.

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By Rhody Lake

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