Hope for thyroid cancer


Hope for thyroid cancer

I was so happy to see "Sofia Vergara
Beats Thyroid Cancer" [March, page 88].
I was diagnosed with this disease when I
was 20 years old, and I had two surgeries
and radioactive-iodine treatment. One of
the worst things I've ever heard is, "You
have cancer." But thanks to prayer and
great doctors, I am 24 years old and living
a normal life, with the exception of
taking Synthroid every day. Thanks for
shedding light on thyroid cancer.
—Stephanie P., Plantersville, Ala.

Toxins: lurking everywhere

My neighbors have always made my
family members and me take off our
shoes before entering their house.
I thought it was a weird, clean-freak
thing and never understood why—
until I read "The Most Toxic Places in
Your Home" [May, page 116]. Wearing
shoes indoors means bringing in
everything those shoes have touched
and spreading it throughout the house.
No wonder I still sneeze from pollen,
even when I've been inside all day.
Now I'm that neighbor who makes
everyone take off their shoes at the
door, but I feel healthier because of it.

—Amelia Smith, Seattie

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