Ovulation Cycles Linked To Ovarian Cancer.



Scientists have suspected that the frequency and work of tissue rebuilding could lead to ovarian cancer, because after each ovulation the manufacture of new cells requires the synthesis of DNA. This cell increase is thought to open the door to mutations allowing damaged cells to multiply A new study supports this frequent ovulation theory and its corollary that pregnancy, breastfeeding or taking oral contraceptives lessens a woman's cancer risk by giving her body rests from ovulation.

Duke University researchers found that 105 of 197 women averaging 47 years old and with ovarian cancer had a particular altered gene. Compared with a group of 3,363 healthy women, the women who had cancer and the mutated gene were nine times more likely to have had high numbers of ovulation cycles. The researchers multiplied the fertile years by 13 periods per year and subtracted the months when the women were pregnant, breastfeeding or taking oral contraceptives.

Lamaze International.

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