Nutritional Factors in Ovarian Cancer Prevention: What Have We Learned in the Past 5 Years


OVARIES -- Cancer
PHYSICAL fitness
DISEASES -- Risk factors
CANCER -- Prevention
PUBLIC health

Abstract:The recommendation of the American Cancer Society Nutrition and Physical Activity 2001 Guidelines regarding ovarian cancer prevention was that "there are no firmly established nutritional risk factors for ovarian cancer, though vegetable and fruit consumption may lower risk." Since then, a number of studies have been published including several large cohort studies. The main objective of this review was to evaluate the literature from the past 5 yr and determine whether any more firm recommendations could be made at this point. Searches were conducted from 2000 to July 2006, and relevant citations were reviewed. Although population-based case-control studies have fairly consistently shown an increased risk with increase body mass, cohort data are inconclusive. The role of physical activity is also unclear. The current epidemiologic evidence for dietary factors is generally inconsistent to warrant public health recommendations regarding any of these factors.

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