Bone Cancer from Polio Vaccine


Bone Cancer from Polio Vaccine

An incurable bone cancer may be linked to contaminated polio vaccine and exposure to herbicides, a researcher said yesterday.

Multiple myeloma attacks bone marrow, has no cure and causes bone collapse, fractures and paralysis.

The head of the myeloma clinic at the Cedars-Sinai Centre in Los Angeles, Professor Brian Durie, said in Sydney that while the disease commonly affected people over 65, an increasing number of baby boomers were being diagnosed.

"In recent years we found that not only has the incidence [of the diseases gone up, but it's occurring in somewhat younger people." he said.

Professor Durie believes evidence that some myeloma patients have a cancer-causing virus called SV40, which contaminated early batches of polio vaccine in the 1950s and 1960s, may explain why baby boomers are developing disease.

The Daily Telegraph

Thursday October 21, 1999

The Australian Vaccination Network, Inc.

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