would you recommend anything for panic attacks, anxiety?

I have suffered from depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue syndrome for a few years. Think i just got burnt out, coupled with a relationship breakup and havent been able to get on top of things. I want to go down the natural road but also feel i am in such a state of stress that my mind and body need a break, to relax and recuperate. Feel im stuck in a cycle of stress and so no time for my body and mind to heal. I never switch off really. Any suggestions? I am on a high protein diet as of recently as my blood sugar was found low after 1hr (and then booted itself back up to normal by the end) of a 4hr OGTT, so i eat carefully, no sugar, caffeine etc.

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Cognitive behavior therapy is supposed to be effective with panic attacks and anxiety. Here are some articles, attached PDF file included.


Everyone experiences anxiety. But what is anxiety? I had always thought of anxiety and depression as being basically the same emotions. It seemed that the sensations were connected. I always felt that depression was simply anxiety with a little "blues" thrown in. I have since learned more about these two emotions. Depression is a feeling of loss because something bad has already happened. Anxiety is feeling fear of what you predict could happen in the future. It has been wisely stated that "Worry is interest paid in advance, for a debt you may never owe."

Anxiety in small amounts can be useful. That is, it can serve as a signal that something isn't quite right. It can signal you that trouble is looming and prompt you to take corrective action. It can help you to function and to meet the demands of your every day life. A little bit of anxiety can be motivating. But how do you know when anxiety represents a important difficulty? Anxiety unchecked, can lead to serious health and mental health issues. It is important to know when everyday anxiety crosses the threshold and becomes "anxiety disorder". We should become concerned when anxiety begins to persistently interfere with our ability to function effectively in our everyday lives. Similarly, we should become concerned when anxiety interferes with developing and maintaining the kinds of personal relationships that we want.

There are many treatment approaches, and it is clear that "One Size Does Not Fit All" There is time line therapy, bio-feedback, emotional freedom techniques, exposure therapy, herbal and native remedies, anxiety management and psychotherapy. Drugs used to treat anxiety disorders are available under a various trade names. Unfortunately, dependency on anti-anxiety medications is a potential complication of treatment. Other side effects of these drugs include sleepiness and sexual problems. Combination therapies are often utilized.

A highly successful treatment for anxiety is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). People suffering from anxiety often benefit from this type of program, where you learn to recognize and change thought patterns and behaviors that lead to upsetting feelings. This helps limit disconcerting thoughts by looking at worries differently. Using progressive relaxation and a series of exercises designed to expedite the cultivation of essential life skills CBT has proven to be very successful with people who are suffering from anxiety. A relaxed state removes anxiety and allows the subliminal non-critical analysis of the reason for the fear. People suffering from anxiety would benefit from a relaxation technique and proper breathing to allow the body to quickly get back to normal, as when the mind and body are relaxed, anxiety cannot be felt. Through relaxation techniques the sufferer can develop balance to offset turbulent periods. It is like an internal massage.



By Denise Irish

A panic attack is when your adrenals send a message of fear that there is an emergency. Physical symptoms may arise that many people misinterpret as a heart attack. Misinterpreting these symptoms can cause the fear response to continue. As long as your adrenal glands keep getting an emergency message, they continue to produce and release additional adrenaline. Once your brain stops signaling an emergency, your adrenal glands hold the adrenaline instead of releasing it.

It only takes three minutes to stop a panic attack. Stop the emergency message from being sent to your adrenal glands. When a panic attack occurs do the following:

Relax and Breathe - Whenever you start to get tense, close your eyes and take a deep breath by letting your abdominals relax (belly breathing). We hold our breath when we are tense. By making a habit of stopping yourself and finding where your body is holding on, you can reduce 80% of your tension. Then begin the Serenity Breath. Inhale through puckered lips, letting a cool stream of air flow to your lower abdomen. Exhale out your nose. Continue for 3-15 minutes. Read the article Our Divine Breath at www.wheelsoflight.org. Do breathing exercises every morning and night. It will release a lot of tension. Most anxiety is just a build up of excess nervousness that then lets off like a volcano. Take the time to daily take care of your nervous system before you have to blow that steam.
Stop Negative Thinking - Shout the word "STOP" really loud inside your head. You are now interrupting the emergency message that the brain is sending to your adrenal glands.
Use Positive Coping Statements - After stopping the endless loop of negative thinking, replace the scary message with a calm one. "I am okay." "I'm not having a heart attack." "I will not let me fears control me." Another technique for panic attacks is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Read this article on my website to learn the tapping diagram and set up phrases of your choosing.
Accept Your Feelings - Identify what emotion you are feeling: worry, fear, blame, loneliness, low-self esteem, sadness, hurt or anger. Find the reason you are feeling it. Fear can be a positive emotion that reminds you to take care of yourself. Listen to your feelings and find out what is really bothering you.

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