Anyone had positive Experience with Eleotin to control Type Two Diabetis?

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WRONG ways to use Eleotin®

Let me tell you a few ways to misuse Eleotin®

First Mistake: You stop taking other medications and insulin injections because you think that Eleotin® will work miraculously and instantly. Most patients feel a lot more energetic right after they start taking Eleotin®; many notice a decrease in weight right away. Some erroneously believe that they are cured, and the “battle of the bulge” is over. We understand how much you hate to take those pharmaceutical pills and injections. But, this is a dangerous move. You should be patient. Eleotin® is not a miracle quick fix. Maintain your former treatments until your doctor tells you not to.

Next Most Common Mistake: Under-Dosage. Overweight and severely diabetic people should double the dosages, maybe even triple them. In fact, Chinese doctors are recommending Eleotin® users in China to triple the dosage during the initial few months and then go into a maintenance mode afterwards. Eleotin® is a perfectly safe product even in high dosages. I personally take triple dosages almost everyday even though I do not have diabetes, and am in a normal weight range. I know that what is in Eleotin® is good for my health anyhow. When taking more than one dosage, some clever people use the capsules and teas at the same time, rather than multiplying the same treatments. For example, one Eleotin® Gold capsules + Eleotin® Express 6, or Eleotin® Gold capsules + Eleotin® M tea. For weight loss, Mb Tea + Mb Concentrate capsules are highly recommended.

Another Mistake: Stopping too early. Some patients are disappointed because their weight did not drastically and instantly drop. Other patients say that they do not feel any difference and their blood sugar levels do not change. They are tempted to conclude that Eleotin® did not and would not work for them. But, we strongly recommend them to have the HbA1c Tests, C Peptide Tests and Plasma Insulin Tests done. If the results of these tests are improving, the root causes of diabetes and weight problems are being attacked. Even though there seem to be no changes on the surface, you should be patient.

Last: We found that heavy drinkers reverted back to their original diabetic or overweight state even after the Eleotin® treatments improved their health.

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