I'd like some information on a device called Syncrometer

It's supposed to detect toxins in cancer patients

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Three Days of Training with Dr. Hulda Clark

More than 25 physicians, therapists, and health practitioners, from Africa to Bogota Colombia, had the pleasure of attending a 3-day seminar in April sponsored by the author and hosted by Dr. Hulda Clark, author of the books The Cure for All Cancers and The Cure for HIV and AIDS. The seminar was presented with lectures, workshops, and a final roundtable discussion with Dr. Clark. Mr. and Ms. Gardon of the Consumer Health Organization represented the Canadian delegation. The seminar was held in Nevis Island in the Caribbean.

The seminar was an intensive training workshop to use the synchrometer to locate and identify toxins and parasites that are directly responsible for the plague we are now witnessing called cancer. The Synchrometer is a transdermal device that measures resonance of the body's cells when a substance enters the body's electromagnetic field. Dr. Clark, a cellular biologist, has made a significant contribution to electrobiology by the advent of this device. The device picks up minute radio emanations off the skin with a pinpoint electrode and amplifies it into a sound. A test plate acts as a sensitivity antennae in which suspicious samples of toxins or biological material can show a conductive resonance when like substances are in the body's cells. An audible tone alerts a warning sound when a pinpoint probe is applied to the finger when a toxins can be identified. By using herbs, ozonated water, a clean diet, electrotherapy, homeopathics, etc., toxins and parasites can be eliminated and later show a null reaction on the synchrometer. The author and Dr. Clark credit the German physician Dr. Voll for having developed this technology. Dr. Clark has now made this procedure available to anyone who wishes to take the time to learn this technique, as is outlined in her books. The seminar participants followed her instructions closely and eagerly learned these dynamics.

As a result of Dr. Clark's research over the years, she has learned that parasites, worms, have not only been with the human race since ubiquity, but now account for the plague of cancer, today sweeping the planet. Worms of all kinds and types inhabit the human intestines and tissue spaces. The author presented an overview of parasitology showing that there are more than 500,000 types of worms in the earth's soil and can be broadly classed as roundworms and flatworms. The field of parasitology as we know it today is generally not understood or recognized by conventional physicians. In fact, colon therapists have a better recognition of the near 100% infection rate since they witness firsthand these parasites leaving the intestines during colon irrigation. Due to the massive amounts of bacteria in the human intestines, ordinary stool examination will generally not reveal worm infestation. The damage done to the human body ranges from blood loss, to diarrhea, autointoxication from the worm's excretions, and most importantly, paving the way for the cancer diathesis. Based upon the clinical research of Dr. Clark, cancer cannot be cured until the parasites are eliminated. This generally unrecognized fact accounts for the terribly low cure rates. More than 100 cures of cancer are outlined in her book by using an effective parasite elimination program.

Another well known contributor to cancer is the pollution in today's world. Synthetic chemicals and industrial metals directly contribute to the cancer diathesis. Dr. Clark's alarming findings are the toxins in our households and environment that we would never have suspected without the advent of the Synchrometer technique. For example, fiberglass and asbestos particles can act as a seed-kernel for the tumor to develop. Parasites can enter the field and cause runaway tumor development. In a chapter of her book, The Horrors of Metal Dentistry, mercury and other toxic metals drastically weaken the immune system and help pave the way to cancer. All these metals must be removed if you wish to maintain or regain your health.

According to Dr. Clark, the intestinal fluke Fasciolopsis buskii is the cause of cancer. This parasite has found its way into cattle and dairy and now presents runaway infection rates in the human population. Even more alarming is the observation that propyl alcohol, a solvent used in the food processing industry, paves the way and weakens the body (especially the liver) to adapt to infection with this fluke. Rubbing alcohol in trace amounts can be found in bottled water, cold cereals, soda pop, just about any processed food in the store, and even in your health food store. Another alarming observation is that benzene, another industrial solvent, used to extract food flavorings and aromatic oils, is also another menace which can be found in health food products like toothpaste, fruit juices, and bottled water. When benzene gets into the thymus and damages it, you are now susceptible to HIV, according to Dr. Clark. And if you do not remove these toxic solvents from the body, and stop eating them, you will not get cured.

It is one thing to read about these observations in her books. It is another to sit in the presence of this brilliant scientist and hear firsthand, the results of her experiences and research. The participants were left in shock as over the hours and days, a theme began to emerge as to the state of affairs of our human condition, the diseases now rampant, and what must be done if we and our children are to even survive into the next century. It became most evident that we, the physicians and health practitioners of the "alternative community" have missed the big picture. The mere fact that almost all vitamin supplements, bottled water, and "health foods' are contaminated in some form or another, and cannot even be eaten, if one is to survive the misery of cancer or HIV. This is a most alarming state of affairs, as Dr. Clark dropped the next bomb on the group, leaving us wondering if there is any hope!

An all-pervasive field of toxins that has generally not been unrecognized, but unspoken, is that of mycotoxins. Fungal excretions like aflatoxin B found on peanuts has been known for sometime. Dr. Clark pointed out that the research papers of this mold toxin would fill a room. In parts of Africa, aflatoxin is considered the number one cause of liver cancer due to the eating of moldy food. The liver seems most susceptible to damage from aflatoxin when isopropyl alcohol is consumed in ordinary food stuffs, and the intestinal fluke enters the field, paving the way for cancer and HIV. The bomb that was led on the group is to realize that we eat this carcinogen every day, as it is found in bulk grains, like brown rice, overripe fruit and in orange juice, bread more than a few days old, and it is in all nut butters. Basically, if you are eating out of the grocery store, you are eating aflatoxin every day, in every way, and making you susceptible to cancer.'

There are other mold toxins, all pervasive in today's food stuffs -- kojic acid from potatoes and beans causing diabetes is one example. This mold is found on the skin and in those gray spots when you peel your potatoes. It paves the way for the pancreatic fluke to inhabit the pancreas and cause diabetes. Aflatoxin is number one, ergot is the second leading mold toxin. This mycotoxin is not destroyed by heat, and can be found on crackers, pastas and cereals. Ergot poisoning is found in all cases of emotional instability, migraine, and schizophrenia, as Dr. Clark pointed out.

Vitamin C neutralizes the effects of aflatoxin and kojic acid, but taking it will not do it. It must be added to the wash when you soak your beans, grains, and vegetables. It became apparent that cleanliness is next to godliness when it comes to buying produce and supermarket items. Nothing can be trusted for not containing solvents, like isopropyl alcohol, benzene, hexane (vegetable oils), etc., and mycotoxins. During the workshop, Dr. Clark tested the author's suggestion and practice of washing all food items with ozonated water. Ozone can render any toxin less toxic, kill all forms of molds, and eliminate parasite eggs found on garden vegetables. The tests concluded that ozonated water as a wash does eliminate these toxic effects. One simply fills the kitchen sink with tap water, drop in an air stone in which ozone gas is bubbled through the water for 5-10 minutes, while the vegetables, grains or beans soak. This cleans up this situation, making the foods suitable and safe for consumption.

The last bomb dropped by Dr. Clark is that all cancers are in some way involved with freon gas that leaks out from our refrigerators. It gets into our bodies and just lays dormant, making whatever organ susceptible to cancer development. To Dr. Clark's surprise, we found that ozonated water can actually mobilize this toxin unlike anything else. By drinking ozonated water, not only is the intestinal tract cleaned up of yeasts like candida, and bacteria like salmonella, but once in the blood, freon (CFC's) can be mobilized, even the gas inhaled since childhood.

Lastly, the most interesting and important research is her work in electromagnetic medicine. Dr. Clark has identified the radio frequencies of a host of organisms, including the cancer fluke (434 KHz.), worms like Ascaris (408 KHz.), and even bacteria (300-400KHz). By applying electromagnetic waves to the body, these organisms can be killed by resonant frequencies, what Rife called mortal oscillatory rates. Clinical application of this method has resulted in dramatic improvement in patients since the effect is very rapid, within 30 minutes. If herbs are then used as a follow-up, results are insured, providing the patient avoids any and all sources of infection. These results will soon be published in her next new and exciting book -- The Cure for All Disease.

The outcome of this monumental seminar resulted in a startling conclusion -- we have missed the big picture. The very problems our patients suffer from comes right out of the grocery stores, restaurants, and health food stores.

Solvents, bacteria, worms, and mycotoxins are in everything we eat and drink. We have to go back to a simpler and, more practical lifestyle. This means we start making our own breads, preserving our own foods, making our own pasta, making our own nut butters and jams, even our own sodas and beverages, with laboratory type cleanliness. Grains and beans must be washed thoroughly. We buy our own breadmakers, pasta makers, canning and bottling equipment. We stay out of restaurants when at all possible. We take our refrigerators out of our house and put it on the back porch or in the basement with adequate ventilation. And, if we do not kill it, we don't eat it!

As the author predicted, ozone will be with ns forever. It not only protects our atmosphere, but also our air, water, and food stuffs. Simple and inexpensive ozonation equipment and devices will be owned by every health conscious individual. Water ozonation is cheap, simple, and mandatory for drinking and cleansing our produce, beans, and grains. Ozone air purifiers can keep our air clean, free of molds, and noxious fumes and odors. We no longer eat out of cans and boxes. Our refrigerators are regularly cleaned and sanitized with ozone gas to get rid of molds and parasite eggs. Our bottled water is our own water, and not that from the store. Reverse osmosis or distillers will be in our kitchens to get acceptable water, and then ozonated for the final polish. We speak here of a whole, new medicine.

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By Charles McWilliams


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