Prescription drug linked to fatal liver injury

Prescription drug linked to fatal liver injury

The drug Tasmar is intended for patients with Parkinson's Disease, but those patients have a new worry: several reports have linked the drug to fatal liver injury.

Because of these reports, Tasmar's labeling now states that the drug should be reserved for use only in patients who do not have severe movement abnormalities and who don't respond to or who are not appropriate candidates for other available treatments.

The drug's manufacturer, Hoffmann-La Roche, is issuing a letter alerting physicians to the labeling changes and reports of three deaths from acute, severe liver failure.

Although a precise rate of these deaths is not known, about 60,000 patients have been given Tasmar worldwide, indicating a rate of approximately one reported death for every 20,000 patients using the drug.

Health professionals are being asked to exercise additional caution in using the product and to report any additional cases of liver injury.

SOURCE:"New warnings for Parkinson's drug, Tasmar," Food & Drug Administration, Nov. 16, 1998.

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