Mystery Migraines Solved



Heartburn Headaches

Acid indigestion (also called reflux) may be the sneaky cause of some "mystery" migraines. And mopping up that extra acid could ease head pain.

Two longtime migraine sufferers who had frequent, untreated headaches finally got relief when they took bigger doses of their acid reflux medicines, reports Harvard Medical School headache expert Egilius L. H. Spierings, MD. Acid reflux can make pain radiate from the upper gums and teeth into the cheek and, from there, into the eye, a common location of migraine headache, notes Dr. Spierings (Cephalalgia, Sept 2002).

If you have unrelieved migraines and acid reflux, ask your doctor about lifestyle changes and medications that might help.


EDITED BY Sarí Harrar; Contributors Kasia Dawidowska; Jordan Matus and Paula Rasich

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