is it right that a diabetic person and have kindney problem can undergo surgery?

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Causes of diabetes:

If you're overweight, you're racing against time to shed the excess pounds before weight-induced type 2 diabetes catches up with you. Here's a reason why: A factory within each cell (the endoplasmic reticulum, or ER) gets overburdened by the extra influx of energy and nutrients. This triggers a signal that interferes with normal functioning of insulin receptors on the cell surface so the cell can't control glucose uptake and output. The resulting persistently high blood glucose levels are the hallmark of diabetes.

nutrients travel to a factory inside a cell (ER)
ER is overloaded with nutrients



3. ER signals insulin receptors to shut down


4. insulin can’t tell the cell to stop producing glucose
5. glucose builds up in the blood, resulting in diabetes

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1) Best bet is to ask a naturopathic doctor.

2) Find out what the causes of diabetes are.

All the best.

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