what are symptoms of dehydration?

A friend told me that her depression and moods springs were caused in part by dehydration. Is there any truth to this?

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Yes, mood can be affected by not enough of anything in our bodies. Water is the carrier for everything we need to move, nothing works well in the body without enough.
Signs of dehydration include, sunken eyes, tiredness, dark urine, constipation, dry mouth, skin that when pinched remains stiff, poor healing wounds. Thirst may or not be noticed, depending on the condition of the person.
Dehydration can come from drinking things with caffene, which increases kidney action, increasing urination, and high sugar or salt. which causes imbalance and pulls water from tissues to recreate a balance. Drinking water with just a touch of salt and sugar, and just a touch of citrus juice can assist dehydration to change quickly. If unable to keep anything down, then it is important to get an IV of fluids to keep from death.

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