My name is Bill Kearney, I am a anti-gaming activist and former compulsive casino gambling degenerate who's been educating the citizens of our state and others throughout our country and other countries on the pitfalls of what the gaming industry and an alarming number of our government officials call a form of entertainment, no different then going to the ballpark or theater. I am also the author of a novel titled “COMPED.” The novel is based on the HighRoller life I once lived and the price I paid when living it up and doubling down in the Atlantic City casinos in the early 80’s.

I've posted the following information and videos because I’m confident that after it’s read, and watched, the public will understand the importance of what I'm going to accomplish here in my state that's going to change how casinos operate here and throughout our country. In other words it's not going to be like Vegas, "What happens here stays here"

For over twenty years I've been addressing and proving that there are major flaws in gaming laws throughout our country. In other words, there is no safeguards or provisions in place that will protect today's casino gamblers and future casino gamblers from becoming what I once was. Casinos are operating like amusement parks with no safety belts or cages on their ride. There is absolutely no consumer protection.

Now it's true that our Gaming Laws address the compulsive casino gambling problem with things like a 1-800 GAMBLER get help number, and a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week hotline that provides crisis counseling. There's also a self-exclusion list for those who become addicted to the casino product. That in itself should raise a red flag questioning how safe is this entertainment venue to have such a provision. What other industry or product do you know of that has a Self Exclusion Program? But all of these provisions address the obsessive gambling problem after one becomes a casino gambling junkie. So my question is, why are we waiting for the casualties to come home.

I've been trying my best even before our gaming bill passed in 2004 to sway those Pennsylvania legislators who brought the casino plague upon us along with the members of our newly formed Gaming Control Board to make our billion dollar gaming operators adapt to real safeguards. Things like not letting the casinos cash any checks. (Pa. casinos are allowed to cash personal checks up to $2,500 in a 24-hour period, a check can only be written for up to $499.00 each, but the casino will cash 5 checks at one time. And here’s the kicker, the casinos are not cashing these checks themselves; they are using a third party, what is known as a secure check cashing company. These companies guarantee the casino operator the money even if the check goes bad. The secure check company operates with the history and activity of the checking account; they are not allowed to check the balance of the checking account. So let’s say a casino patron has a good history and activity in their checking account but only has $500.00 balance. Now they are in the casino and they blow their $500.00 balance, but in their mind the slot machine they been feeding with all its close hit and near misses is ready to blow. So they back to the cashier in hope to cash another check and they are approved. This goes on until they reach the $2500.00 limit and have cut close to $2000.00 in bad checks. Now I’m not saying the casino patron is not at fault, but what I am saying is, why make it easy for casino patrons to become criminals)And so patrons don't gamble on credit, take away any type of credit card usage on or around the casino floor. (Pa. casinos by law are not aloud to issue any from of credit, yet at the ATM machines on the casino floor a casino patron can get cash advancements from their credit card company. Now if the casino operator is receiving money whether it is from a percentage of every transaction or a rental fee for having the ATM machines, wouldn’t that make the casino operator part of that LOAN transaction) And I'm sure there's a few of us who after a few to many have done something stupid, so why are we letting the casino operators medicate those who are already doing something stupid, No free booze. And do we really need these joints open 24/7, have you been in a casino on a week day during those early morning hours, that's when I like to see our casino operators take our government officials on a tour through the casinos so they could witness pathological casino gambling in full bloom. And beings our casino operators are tracking their patrons money and time spent gambling with COMP-CARDS, let's make them send monthly statements. The COMP-CARD is their syringe; it's how they deliver their drug. These cards track every move the patron makes in the casino. This determines whether you're going to get the buffet or the penthouse suite. The comps or so-called freebies make some justify their losses as they become addicted.

Well it's been over four years and today there are seven casinos up and running here in Pa. with not one of these safeguards or provisions in place, once again, no consumer protection.

One of my safeguards has been put forth in two bills, one in our House of Representatives (HB 783) introduced by Rep. Clymer and one in our Senate (SB 423) introduced by Sen. Wonderling that will make the casino operators who are already tracking their patrons' money and time spent gambling with COMP-CARDS to send monthly statements. This would enable gamblers and their family members to spot a loved one's gambling problem before it gets out of hand. This legislation will be put forth again this year, and it's up to you to get it on to the floor, because with casinos being glamorized and legalized and opening in all our backyards, many of our Mom-Moms, Pop-Pops, spouses, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, and grandchildren are headed for some serious problems.

This safeguard has also been put forth in West Virginia and I'm working with legislators in Illinois, New Jersey, Michigan, and other casino states. I also have legislation that's going to take away the casinos being open 24/7, serving free booze, cashing checks and comping.

What I'm trying to accomplish with legislation like the one making casino operators mail monthly statements which will make casino patrons aware of their money and time spent gambling isn't much deferent then what Ralph Nader did back in the 1960s. It was his work on car safety that led directly to seat belts and shatter-resistant glass being fitted in every American car. Now believe I'm in no way comparing myself to that guy, but I'm sure that I'm getting today as much grief as he did back in the day when he was dealing with those knuckleheads in Detroit and Washington.

On 07/30/08 I testified at the Pennsylvania Gaming Oversight Committees public hearing on House Bill 783. This has been the only legislation drafted since our gaming bill passed in 2004 that addresses the compulsive casino gambling problem before one becomes addicted.

Open these seven links and watch how Pa.State Representatives who brought the casino plague upon us and our clueless Gaming Control Board members feel about preventing our loved ones from becoming casino gambling degenerates.

Part - 1

Part - 2

Part - 3

Part - 4

Part - 5

Part - 6

Part - 7

Now here is more of what went down in our state once our Gaming Bill passed.

On July 4, 2004 Gov. Ed Rendell signed laws legalizing gaming in Pennsylvania. Since that day he has work his wizardry and got seven of the fourteen casinos proposed up and fleecing. Pennsylvania casinos are making more money per slot machine than in any other East Coast casinos. But if you been following gaming in Pennsylvania than you know it's been no trip down the Yellow Brick Road. And for me it's been a twister from day one, but when the dust settles in the Wizards Wonderful World of Gaming I won't be looking to douse the evil-one with water. Open these links and observe what I'm showering on the CasinoWizard of the East.

On April 6, 2005 Rep. Paul Clymer (R) introduces "House Bill 1245," the bill read like this, the Gaming Control Board shall have the power and its duties shall be to require that each licensed gaming entity that offers patrons "Total Rewards Cards" that track the amount of money and time spent gambling in order to determine the value of complimentary services received by patrons to issue monthly statements that list the patron's gaming winnings and losses.

#1 -

#2 -

November 2006 Gov. Rendell supports the idea of casinos sending monthly statements. In December 2006 Gov. Rendell doesn't want to address monthly statements. June 2007 Gov. Rendell tap dances around when asked to give one safeguard or provision in our Gaming Law that address the compulsive gambling problem before one becomes addicted. He invites me to contact him and I try numerous times, but to no avail. June 2008 Governor Rendell says this is the first time he has heard of legislation that would make the casino operators mail out monthly statements.

Open this link it's from 9/10/08 - - and you will see what I’ve been saying all along, which is, the man who brought the casino plague upon us, the Honorable Governor Ed. Rendell has no idea how our casinos operate.

Sen. Vincent J. Fumo (D), prides himself on being one of the architects of our gambling bill; he's one of the most powerful figures in Pennsylvania politics. On Febuary 6, 2007 Sen. Fumo and three of his aids where indicted on numerous charges of tax offenses, obstruction of justice, mail fraud, wire fraud and use of Senate employees as campaign aides. I tried contacting him but I got the same result that I did with Governor Rendell and the rest of his administration.

November 2006 -

November 2006 -

November 2006 -

January 2007 -

Gregory Fajt was Pennsylvania's Secretary of Revenue, he was instrumental in getting our Gaming Bill passed, and today he is Gov. Rendell's Chief of Staff.

November 2006 -

November 2006 -

Tom Corbett is Pennsylvania's Attorney General, he is our top law enforcement official; his job is to protect and serve the citizens and agencies of the Commonwealth.

December 2006 -

December 2006 -

April 2008

Senator Jake Corman (R) voted against our Gaming Bill, Rep. David K. Levdansky (D) voted for our Gaming Bill, but likes the idea of our casinos sending monthly statements.

June 2007 -

Senator Corman a few months later has no recollection of legislation that would make our casino operators send monthly statements. Rep. Frank Dermody (D) like most Democrats he voted for our Gaming Bill.

January 2008 -

Harold James (D) is the majority Chairman of the Gaming Oversight Committee; all Bills pretending to gaming must first go through his committee. He voted for our Gaming Bill. Rep. Paul Clymer (R) is the minority Chairman; he voted against our Gaming Bill and has been the leading anti-casino advocate in our state capital.

November 2007 -

November 2007 -

Rep. Dwight Evans (D) voted for our Gaming Bill.

December 2006 -

Jerry Mondesire is president of the Philadelphia NAACP; he's also the publisher of a black-oriented newspaper, the Philadelphia Sunday Sun.

November 2006 -

December 2006 -

Two years later and neither the 'NAACP' nor Jerry Mondesire newspaper have addressed the negative impact that casinos will have on the African American communities of our state.

January 2008 -

Steven Kaplan is Pennsylvania's Secretary of Banking. He was nominated by Governor Rendell, who has known him for over 30 years. He is one of many that head a government agency in Pennsylvania and who are clueless on how casinos operate.

October 2007 -

Patrick Stapleton was appointed to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board by Gov. Tom Ridge (R) on June 17, 1997. He was reconfirmed by unanimous votes of the state Senate on May 10, 2000 and May 17, 2004. Gov. Rendell named him chairman of the agency. Joe Conti was a former State Senator. He was one of the few Republicans to support Gov. Rendell's efforts to legalize casino gambling in 2004. He's the state Liquor Control Board's first chief executive officer, a $150,000-a-year position that Mr. Rendell helped to both create and fill. You couldn't fill a shot glass with their knowledge of how casinos operate in our state.

Thomas Tad Decker was Gov. Rendell second choice for Chairman of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. His first choice was Frank Friel he was a former Philadelphia Police Captain and was billed as a 'mob-buster' He had to resign before he chaired his first meeting. Turned out he had assisted an alleged underworld crime figure regain a boxing license at a Connecticut casino. Tad Decker served a three-year term; today he serves as CEO of his former law firm, Cozen O'Connor. His firm represents Sugar/House Casino, as well as Louis DeNaples owner of the Mt. Airy Resort and Casino.

Check out Tad Decker and today's Chairman Mary Colins opinion on casino operators sending monthly statements.

May 2007 -

May 2007 -

The Honorable Mary DiGiacomo Colins was appointed by Gov. Rendell to succeed Gaming Control Board Chairman Thomas Tad Decker. She's the first woman named to the board and has more than 30 years of experience in the legal profession. She was elected to the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County in 1989 after being hired by Rendell as an Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia in 1985.

October 2007 -

January 2008 -

Check out how confident the former 'PGCB' Chairman Tad Decker was in 2006 when he testified before the Pa. House Republican Policy Committee, again this was before any Pa. Gaming licensees where issued.

#1 -

#2 -

#3 -

Pennsylvania gaming license applicant Louis DeNaples testifying before PGCB

January 2008 - Catholic priest arrested for perjury; connected to Mt. Airy

Father Joe Sica lawyer Sal Cognetti

On January 30, 2008 the owner of the Mount Airy Casino Resort Louis DeNaples, 67, was charged with four counts of perjury for allegedly lying to gaming regulators about his relationship with reputed mobsters.

Grand Jury DeNaples 'Casinogate' - Part - 1

Grand Jury DeNaples 'Casinogate' - Part - 2

January 2008 I was told twice on air not to call the Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN) call-in program anymore. And I do understand their position and concerns with my persistence on calling their CALL-IN PROGRAM. It's embarrassing and quite comical to watch those who brought this plague upon us and those who govern it displaying their ignorance and unwillingness to stop the casino operators from 'BREEDING' casino degenerates.

Open this link and check out Sen. Fumo's expression, is he giving the call-in show's host the nod to get rid of me.


Now you don't think there's a conspiracy going on here, do ya? I hope Fumo's not a poker player with those tells.

The casino product comes from the street and I'm a street guy in a street fight. So with or without PCN or any other media's permission I will stay the course, which is to bring as much negativity as possible upon the casino predators and the alarming number of our government officials who are now as addicted to casino gambling as I once was.

Open this link and check out two of Governor Rendell's Knights of the Gaming Table in action. Watch how Rep Dwight Evans (D) intercedes when Representative Douglas Reichley (R) brings up evidence that the Gaming Board was made aware of before issuing DeNaples a gaming license.

Rep. Clymer and Rep. Wansacz

Here's more information on what I'm going to accomplish.

CN8 - 2005 -

KDKA - 2006 -

ABC 6 - 2006 -


These four links will take you to a documentary I'm working on that's going to expose the casino operators along with those so-called pillars of society who are in bed with the gaming industry and who have done nothing to stop the casino casualties from coming home.

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Part 3 -

Part 4 -

To learn more about my credentials on this subject go on line and look up Bill Kearney on casino gambling.

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