The brain controls the body


The brain controls the body as the heavens control the earth. Therefore, the attitudes of the mind and the spirit affect health greatly. Intravenous choline, amino acids, B vitamins, electrical stimulation, and light therapies can rejuvenate the brain. Nutrients can help restore taste and smell in the elderly, and probably to some degree influence intellectual capacity. It is manipulation of the brain's chemistry that can help us direct our mind and spirit along the path of proper development. The brain is the master endocrine organ of the body, and, through its biochemical products and the spinal cord connections, it rules the body in long term health. It is the electrical impulses of the brain that are most dominant, even over its biochemistry.

The brain rehabilitation and brain healing require electrical stimulation (Cranial Electrical Stimulation - CES) as well as nutritional building of the basic neurotransmitters. The basic neurotransmitters are acetylcholine from choline, the adrenalines from tyrosine and DL-Phenylalanine, the enkephalins from methionine and branched chain amino acids, and the glutathiones from N-acetyl cysteine. Other amino acid precursors like taurine and GABA also make up important neurotransmitters for the brain and the body. These, in combination with CES, are critical to brain health.

We can now test for brain health. With the heart there is a key test or cholesterol test. The key test for the brain is the P300. Just as cholesterol levels give us a clue to the health of the heart, electrical P300 waves clue us in to the health of the brain. P300 stands for a positive brain wave that occurs at 300 milliseconds (about 1/3 of a second to process information) during a procedure where an irregular series of beeps are heard. This test can also be done through a visual or auditory stimulus. It is done as an extended EEG or BEAM (Brain Electrical Activity Mapping) test or Brain Stress Test. P300's are low in individuals who have narcolepsy, attention deficit disorders (ADD), schizophrenia, alcohol or cocaine abuse, or chronic organic depression from biochemical imbalance or even Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease. Low P300's have been correlated to high risk for developing Alzheimer's disease, as well as a high risk for depression, anxiety, and probably a host of other illnesses including cancer. P300's are also low in the prison population.

Nonetheless, an isolated P300 abnormality with the rest of the BEAM being normal is frequently more marked by chronic depression and chronic neuropsychiatric problems than criminal and drug behavior. Low P300 is often found in drug users who show the remaining portions of the BEAM, such as the visual, auditory, and eyes open/eyes closed stress test portions, as being abnormal.

P300 Voltage Condition

0-3 Cocaine brain
damaged children

4-5 Severe ADD,
Criminal Schizophrenia,

5-7 Moderate Brain

8-9 Food Addiction,
mild to moderate ADD

The P300 test can help us define a neurological imbalance and begin treatment. Fortunately, new research shows that the P300 can be changed.

In sum, the P300 test is the "cholesterol" test of the brain. We have new insights into brain health which is wonderful because the brain controls the body as the heavens control the earth. Brain knowledge can translate into heavenly knowledge.

By Rabbi Eric Braveman, M.D.
Eric Braverman, M.D. is the Director of Princeton Associates for Total Health (PATH) 100-102 Tamarack Circle, Skillman, NJ 08558.

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